BREAKING — “House goes on break until July 5, pre-empting guns sit-in: Republicans use a late-night parliamentary maneuver to disrupt the protest, but Democrats vowed to continue,” by Rachael Bade, John Bresnahan and Heather Caygle: “After a chaotic, daylong occupation of the House floor, Republican leaders moved in the middle of the night to cut off House Democrats’ gun control sit-in by adjourning the House through the July 4 — without a vote on gun control.

“Speaker Paul Ryan sought to quell the Democratic demonstration by having lawmakers vote at 2:30 a.m. on several bills they had to pass this week … After that, Republican leaders sent lawmakers home until July 5, starting their already-scheduled recess a few days earlier than planned. The move will deny Democrats any chance of votes on gun control legislation.” http://politi.co/28PaP5j

— DISPATCH from the House floor — Roddy Flynn emails : “As you can tell from the video, it’s pure chaos. … You can see the members wearing rainbow ribbons, these were provided by the LGBT Caucus to be sure as the debate goes in we’re always remember the community and identity the victims were celebrating when they died.”

By Mike Allen (@mikeallen; mallen@politico.com) and Daniel Lippman (@dlippman; dlippman@politico.com)

— “C-SPAN’s viral video moment,” by Hadas Gold, with Nancy Scola and Li Zhou: “When the sit-in began Wednesday morning, Republican leaders ordered the House into recess. And since only they, and not C-SPAN, oversee the camera, C-SPAN’s feed was cut off, as dictated by the chamber’s rules. … But in a move that would not have been possible even five years ago, C-SPAN picked up a live video feed from a lawmaker recording the sit-in from inside the chamber — doing an end-run around House leaders.” http://politi.co/28YbAG9

DRIVING THE GLOBAL DAY: Polls are open for Brexit vote in U.K. … AP: “Polling stations close at 5 p.m.; first results by 11 p.m., with official results at about 2 a.m. Friday” … Opinion polls have it a farthing flip between “Remain” (favored by Prime Minister David Cameron) and “Leave” (which could mean market chaos, and would would be a bullish sign for Trump — another anti-establishment earthquake). But the money bets have stayed heavily with “Remain.”

— Barron’s smells “Another Y2K … could be a nonevent for the markets.” http://bit.ly/28OFZVV … And foresees “a worldwide relief rally” if Britain votes to stay in EU.” http://bit.ly/28RTNUz

— Reuters: “It is only the third referendum in British history. The first, also about membership of what was then called the European Economic Community, was in 1975.The four-month campaign … was dominated by immigration and the economy. … [T]he vote … both reflected, and has fueled, an anti-establishment mood also seen in the United States and elsewhere in Europe.” http://reut.rs/28OFafU

— Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber and Politico Editor George Parker interviewed Prime Minister David Cameron, who’s expected to resign if Brexit passes — “Cameron: no regrets over poll that threatens premiership”: “Cameron insists he will stay on as prime minister if he loses … although many Tory MPs share the view of Ken Clarke, the former Tory chancellor, that ‘he wouldn’t last 30 seconds’ if the country voted Leave.” http://on.ft.com/28S6H5v

— N.Y. Times Quotation of the Day: David Howe, 44, a chef at a London pub, considering a bet on whether Britain will leave the European Union or remain: “If there’s no horse I like or football I like, then I’ll put a tenner on leave.” A1 article, below fold, “A Winner in the ‘Brexit’ Vote: Britain’s Gambling Industry,” by Peter Goodman in London http://nyti.ms/28U1056

SNEAK PEEK — Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s POTUS interview by John Micklethwait, Megan Murphy and Ellen Pollock — On Trump: “There’s no successful businessman in America who actually thinks the most successful businessman in America is Donald Trump.”

— On his daughters’ future careers: “I’m pretty certain that my daughters will not end up working on Wall Street.”

— On the impact of banking regulation on profitability: “Our intention has not been to reduce profits just for the sake of reducing profits. Our intention has been to reduce reckless behavior that led to outsized profits.”

— On avenues he sees for growth in the economy : “The things we have not done that we need to do, that could make an enormous difference, are proposals I’ve put forward that Congress has so far blocked. The most obvious one would be infrastructure. We have about $2 trillion worth of deferred maintenance. And those are jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.”

— On global supply chain: “I’m not somebody who believes we can lop off the global supply chain and somehow that’s going to make us more productive, even if it was possible.”

— On trade, labor and unions: “My argument with my friends in the union movement, for example-and I’m a strong union supporter-is if you’re fighting that battle, you’re fighting the last war. That you have to recognize that globalization is here to stay.”

— On a desire to run a company himself: “I’m always careful about drawing too many easy parallels there, because sometimes there are CEOs who come in and start explaining to me how I should be running the presidency.” http://buswk.co/POTUS … See the cover. http://bit.ly/28SqvU5

** A message from the 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book finds youth are healthier and completing high school on time despite the growing economic instability of their families. The report also ranks states in areas of child well-being and offers policy recommendations to ensure a brighter future for all kids. http://bit.ly/1ttKSxu **

RUBIO REDUX — Tampa Bay Times Political Editor Adam Smith, column at top of p. 1A, “Rubio and Crist: flip-floppers with an eye on the future — their own”: “Rubio and Charlie Crist … are both campaigning for political comebacks this fall. Neither has much experience doing work in the private sector, neither wants to spend the next couple of years toiling unnoticed outside of Washington, and neither is a sure thing to avoid that fate. Certainly, the odds favor Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Crist, 59, winning a South Pinellas congressional seat that has been redrawn to heavily favor a Democrat. Likewise, Rubio, 45, is the clear favorite to win a second term now that he has reversed his promise not to run again.” http://bit.ly/28PXF5v

NEIL IRWIN, Upshot star, sits atop col. 1 of today’s N.Y. Times front page: “CLINTON SAYS SHE IS READY TO FIX FISCAL PROBLEMS: A NOD TO VOTERS’ ANGER — Policy Speech Suggests a Break From Obama’s Economic Policies” (online: “Clinton’s Message: Yes, the Economy Is Messed Up. But I Can Fix It”): “In an economic policy speech on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton gave this message: I alone am the candidate who knows how to turn those underlying frustrations into actual policies that might make things better.

“She offered herself as someone who would not merely vent voters’ anger, but respond to that anger by pulling the levers of the federal bureaucracy and creating legislation that can be scored by the Congressional Budget Office and just maybe pass a Senate committee.” http://nyti.ms/28U2X1J

TRUMP REBOOT — “Trump’s Clinton speech splits the GOP: Some Republicans reveled in his message discipline, but others couldn’t get over his policy apostasies,” by Daniel Lippman and Patrick Reis: “Trump’s Wednesday attack on Hillary Clinton was, for many Republicans, exactly what they’d been waiting for: a disciplined, scripted attack on what the GOP contends is a deeply flawed Democratic candidate. … Even as some Republicans praised his anti-Clinton jeremiad, others ripped their party’s presumptive nominee for pushing a policy agenda that, at points, strayed far from the party line.” With cameos by Rick Tyler, Eli Lehrer, Grover Norquist, and Tucker Carlson http://politi.co/28QHwjX

— M. Scott Mahaskey (@smahaskey): “A career first! Denied #media credential to cover ribbon cutting event; @realDonaldTrump campaign in Scotland. @GOP” http://bit.ly/28SfX7q

— From a Clinton campaign official: “Donald Trump tried but failed to find a line of attack against Hillary Clinton yesterday in a speech that was fact checked by every major media outlet and debunked for its charges that ranged from misleading to made-up. Trump attempted to pivot but it backfired.”

SIREN — WSJ A4, “Some Business Leaders Abandon GOP,” by Laura Meckler: “More than 50 business executives, including several longtime Republicans, will endorse Hillary Clinton for president on Thursday as her campaign seeks to capitalize on discomfort with Republican Donald Trump. They include Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president at AT&T Services Inc., and Dan Akerson, who held top positions at General Motors Co. and Nextel Communications Inc. … Others … include Hollywood-turned-internet executive Barry Diller of IAC/InterActiveCorp; Hollywood executive Peter Chernin, of The Chernin Group; Wendell Weeks of Corning Inc.; Reed Hastings of Netflix Inc.; and Rob Marcus, formerly of Time Warner Cable Inc.” http://on.wsj.com/28P2IE5

2016 PLAYERS — “Franken ready to unleash wit and wisdom on Clinton’s behalf,” by AP’s Catherine Lucey: “For years, Sen. Al Franken has kept one of his most potent political weapons in check: his wit. The former [‘SNL’] comic was determined to establish himself as a serious senator after winning his Minnesota seat … There’s one crack he would like to permanently retire. He’s read so many headline variations of ‘It’s no joke! Franken is a senator!’ that he has a poster hanging in his office showcasing many of the references. … So far this year, Franken has traveled to Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Michigan and Massachusetts for Clinton and has campaigned for at least nine Senate candidates.” http://apne.ws/28S74N8

SPOTTED: Sen. Chuck Grassley leaving the Capitol Hill Club, driving himself in his Buick (with Iowa plates).

WORTH THE CLICK — “Play Ball! What’s Your Representative’s Stats?” by Quorum’s Rachel Thomas: “Tonight marks the 79th Congressional baseball game … We designed baseball cards for every player using their legislative statistics from Quorum. The back of the cards feature key statistics such as Members’ top issues, the number of bills they have sponsored, and the percentage of their sponsored bills that have been enacted, just to name a few.” http://bit.ly/28RO3uc

JIM BILLIMORIA leaves the Hill: After 3 ½ years as communications director for Chairman Shuster and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Jim Billimoria (or JB to everyone on the Hill and at Capital Grille) will be packing up and heading west to join Amazon in Seattle. JB has served in the House for 13 years. His last day is tomorrow. He will be taking on the role of P.R. Manager for Customer Delivery programs with Amazon on July 11. (And some believe this new move may convert JB into a Seahawks fan.) Justin Harclerode will take over as Communications Director at the Committee.

THE NEW ECONOMY — “Uber Data And Leaked Docs Provide A Look At How Much Uber Drivers Make,” by BuzzFeed’s Caroline O’Donovan and Jeremy Singer-Vine: “Internal Uber calculations … based on data spanning more than a million rides and covering thousands of drivers in three major U.S. markets — Denver, Detroit, and Houston — suggest that drivers in each of the three markets overall earned less than an average of $13.25 an hour after expenses.” http://bzfd.it/28OVr8X

HOLLYWOODLAND — “In-Depth With Disney CEO Bob Iger on China Growth, ‘Star Wars’ Reshoots and Political Plans,” by the Hollywood Reporter’s Matthew Belloni: “Yeah, I’ve heard that. A lot of people — a lot — have urged me to seek political office. All kinds of different jobs. Everybody has got a different idea for me, except all roads lead through my wife. (Laughs.)I will not be specific about any office. I wouldn’t rule in or rule out … Honestly, I’m interested in politics, I’m interested in giving back in some form, performing some sort of civic duty. But I’m not exploring a run for governor or senator or anything along those lines. I’m focused on running Disney. Does that answer the question?” http://bit.ly/28OpPve

CLICKERS — “The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Entertainment” http://bit.ly/28NKqlC

— Billboard’s new cover is an open letter/petition to Congress urging gun control measures, signed by over 180 major music star and executives: “Stop Gun Violence Now — As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change.” http://bit.ly/28QOIwv … http://bit.ly/28ROGmn … www.billboard.com/open-letter/

VALLEY TALK — L.A. Times A1, below fold, “Investors question Musk’s latest proposal,” by Russ Mitchell and James F. Peltz in S.F.: “For years, fans and investors have been buying into Musk’s unconventional approach to corporate finance. … But investors and analysts have grown weary of the latest plan. Musk’s announcement Tuesday that he wants Tesla to buy SolarCity quickly raised concerns about conflicts of interest, unclear motives and shaky financials.” http://lat.ms/28Zhqbd …

— CNBC’s Ari Levy, “Musk’s latest deal pits Wall Street against Silicon Valley” http://cnb.cx/28S5fji … L.A. Timescolumnist Michael Hiltzik, “Elon Musk’s Tesla-SolarCity deal makes a lot of sense — but only for Elon Musk” http://lat.ms/28XZ6y0

HAPPENING TODAY — “A call for civility in 2016: The National Institute for Civil Discourse is holding a bipartisan forum with former Congressman Zack Space and the Akron Beacon-Journal at the Ohio statehouse calling for civility in the 2016 election. After a meeting with the NICD last October, Ohio news outlets acknowledged the role that the media can play in exacerbating incivility in political dialogue and formed The Ohio Media Project, an initiative aiming to deliver more meaningful, substantive election coverage based on the issues, not the horserace. The event, a follow-up to last month’s call-to-civility with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, will be livestreamed on Periscope at @NICDInstitute.”

FIRST PERSON — “4 hostage families make a plea: Bring home Austin Tice”: “We are four families bonded together by tragedy and terror. We will never fully recover from the horrific outcome of our own hostage crises. But there is something that still can be done: Bring Austin Tice safely home. Austin, a freelance journalist, Marine veteran and Georgetown law student, has been held hostage in Syria since August 2012. His safe return will satisfy a significant and necessary measure of the success of the new policy.” http://bit.ly/28OqwoD

MEDIAWATCH — CNN’s Correspondent Tom Foreman was recognized as one of the best and most influential ultra-marathoners in the world by Runner’s Connect and was asked to give recovery tips: “Training for an ultra is all about pushing yourself beyond fatigue, beyond pain, and perhaps beyond reason. Recovering from one is all about giving yourself a break; about recognizing how much the race taxed your system, your family, your friends, and your job. Getting everything back in balance takes patience just like training, and it is equally important if you want to make ultra-running part of your life and not merely a one-time stunt.” http://bit.ly/28PxACE

TRANSITIONS — “Cambridge Analytica … Announces the Appointment of Kyle Smith and Kyle Thomas”:”Smith joins Cambridge Analytica as Ad Operations Manager, where he will oversee digital advertising strategy and execution across clients. Prior to CA, Smith led digital analytics efforts for Ohio Governor John Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign, where his work included analyzing trends and segmentation for the campaign’s robust $8,000,000 online donation program. Smith previously worked at Google on the Elections Team advising statewide Republican campaigns on advertising strategy … Kyle Thomas, a Colorado native with a strong foundation in fine art, has become a well-known and impactful designer in the DC metro area.” http://bit.ly/28RMsF6

BIRTHDAYS: Paul Tewes, the pride of Mountain Lake, Minn. … Politico alum Adam Lerner … Justice Clarence Thomas is 68 … Amber Moon, comms. director for Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and a Kay Hagan alum … Double Brexit birthdays: Politico Europe’s editorial director of growth Kate Day, commanding our Brexit coverage from London, and Etienne Bauvir, Politico Europe’s director of platform development (chapeau tips: Gabe Brotman) … J.P. Fielder, senior director of corporate comms. at Exact Sciences Corporation and a Chamber alum … Josh Lauder … Goldman Sachs alum Ryan Rogers Woodbury, now an MBA candidate at Stanford GSB … Rep. Robert Dold (R-Ill.) is 47 … Rep. Cresent Hardy (R-Nev.) is 59 … Tyler Anderson … Jeff Carter, chief of strategic comms. for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services …

… Steven Stombres, partner at Harbinger Strategies … Walter Sabbath … Greg Hale, of The Markham Group, is 41 … Julie McInerney … Andrew Roos (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … Tom Frechette (h/t Deckard) … Dorothy Mauro … Tina Karalekas … Natasha Chambers … Robin Strongin … singer Diana Trask is 76 … “American Idol” ex-judge Randy Jackson is 60 … country singer Katie Armiger is 25 (h/ts AP)

** A message from the 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book finds today’s youth — Generation Z — are healthier and completing high school on time despite facing mounting economic inequality and increasingly unaffordable college tuition. Aided by smart policies and investments in prevention, a record number of teens have avoided making bad choices. The Data Book , which focuses on key trends in child well-being in the post-recession years, measures and ranks states in several areas of child well-being. This year, Minnesota earned the top spot again, while Mississippi stayed at the bottom. The Casey Foundation offers recommendations for how policymakers can ensure all children are prepared for the future, based on this country’s shared values of opportunity, responsibility and security. http://bit.ly/1ttKSxu **

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