POLITICO Playbook: R.I.P. GOP ESTABLISHMENT: Trump snuffs Marco — CRUZ, KASICH plot convention sorcery

SIREN: Obama sends a blast email to the massive White House email list, with a Playbook-length subject line: “I’ve made my decision: Today, I will announce the person I believe is eminently qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.” 11 a.m. in Rose Garden. Obama said qualities he looked for include “life experience earned outside the classroom and the courtroom.”

Good Wednesday morning. Trump shows astonishing consistency and resilience; Clinton seals the deal. Perfect headline on AP overnighter by Steve Peoples and Julie Pace: “Math and momentum point to Trump, Clinton nominations.” http://apne.ws/21uQQbE

By Mike Allen (@mikeallen; mallen@politico.com) and Daniel Lippman (@dlippman; dlippman@politico.com)

Hillary wins Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio, with Missouri too close to call. Trump chases “Little Marco” from the race, taking 46% of the Florida vote to Rubio 27%, Cruz 17% and Kasich 7%. The Ohio governor wins his state easily and makes himself a player, maybe into the July convention in Cleveland: Kasich 47%, Trump 36%, Cruz 13%, Rubio (ouch) 3%.

NOVEMBER 3-WAY? Exit polls yesterday showed 37% of GOP primary voters would consider a third-party candidate if the general election was Trump v. Clinton.

LOOK FOR a series of meetings in New York and D.C. this week to try to recruit a conservative independent. The top targets are Mitt Romney, Speaker Ryan and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), age 44. Willie Geist said on “Morning Joe” that the recurring stop-Trump machinations have “become a bit of a parody at this point.”

OF 30 GOP contests, Trump has won 19, Cruz 7, Rubio 3, Kasich 1. http://nyti.ms/1SSakXu

3 STATS say it all:

— ABC: Exit polls shows that across all five states, 67% of Republican voters “favor a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States … It’s averaged a similar 68 percent across previous contests this year.” http://abcn.ws/1Lq52AZ

— CNN: “Clear majorities of Republican voters … said they felt betrayed by their party: In Ohio the number was 57%, and in North Carolina it was 56%.” http://cnn.it/22lsaVo

— NYT’s Nick Confessore and Karen Yourish: According to media tracking firm mediaQuant, Trump “has earned close to $2 billion worth of media attention, about twice the all-in price of the most expensive presidential campaigns in history. It is also twice the estimated $746 million that Hillary Clinton … took in.” http://nyti.ms/1YYQHh5


SCENE FROM BROOKLYN, captured by a Clinton aide: “Staffers at Hillary’s campaign HQ remained at the office until after 2 a.m. watching returns. Campaign manager Robby Mook and states director Marlon Marshall made a surprise visit to the HQ after flying back to NYC from Florida with HRC. They were greeted with a human tunnel formed by scores of staff.

“After running through the tunnel with Marlon, Robby addressed the troops: ‘Hillary Clinton had to sweep things up! … Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President. No matter how hard we have to work, how high we have to climb, we are going to get there because she is the unifying leader our country needs!’” In this pic by Brian Fallon of Robby’s 2 a.m. address, notice the figure of admaker Jim Margolis, in a blue shirt with lanyard around his neck, standing in the distance on a file cabinet and applauding. http://bit.ly/21uIG2Y

MAP OF THE DAY — Chris @Moody: “Every region of Florida rejected @marcorubio for @realDonaldTrump, except his neighborhood.” http://bit.ly/1QX0d0U

— “Rubio bolts White House campaign after big Florida loss,” by Marc Caputo: “Trump … inspired dormant Republicans to cast ballots for the first time. And he helped grow the Republican Party of Florida’s ranks by the tens of thousands for the first time in years. Also, Trump’s 19-percentage-point margin over Rubio put to rest the criticism that Trump couldn’t carry a closed primary where only registered Republicans could vote.” http://politi.co/1XtXIF6

FRAMER: Cincinnati Enquirer banner, “KASICH, FINALLY.” http://politi.co/1MlZ27a

GLENN THRUSH’s takeaways from Titanic Tuesday: “The delegate math for Sanders has been pretty dim since Super Tuesday, but now his core rationale (that he owned the hearts and votes of liberal and working-class northerners) suffered a serious, probably fatal, blow. …

“The impact of Rubio’s exit — and Kasich’s sudden rise — creates a mess of unpredictable scenarios that could end in Trump’s coronation, a contested convention or some kind of split decision that sends the GOP’s mid-July convention into fractious anarchy. …

“The next batch of state contests — New Jersey, Arizona, Delaware, South Dakota and Montana — seem to favor Trump, but the race has entered a new volatile stage. And, increasingly, the stage seems set for some kind of showdown on the convention floor (and the streets outside) when the Republicans return to Cleveland.”http://politi.co/1SS4eXf

HUGH HEWITT to BRIAN WILLIAMS on MSNBC: “I think it’s an open convention — I think it’s inevitable.” The radio host cited future hazards for Trump like the Wisconsin primary on April 5, which Hewitt said Gov. Scott Walker “will deliver” for Cruz or Kasich — not Trump.

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HOUSE DRAMA — “Ryan confronts budget meltdown: The speaker’s first big push to get the House functioning again is in trouble, but he’s not going to twist arms,” by Jake Sherman and Lauren French: “Failing to pass a budget wouldn’t be bad just for Ryan’s gambit as the new speaker to get the House functioning again. It would also stymie the appropriations process and likely force the House to pass yet another stopgap spending bill.” http://politi.co/1pnF1ru

“POLITICO reporter denied access to Trump event,” by Hadas Gold: “Ben Schreckinger was denied entry to Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday night, despite having previously been granted credentials by the campaign. The move followed a threat last week from Trump officials to exclude POLITICO reporters from campaign events. On Tuesday morning, Schreckinger, who has covered the campaign regularly for more than six months, received an email granting him credentials for Trump’s speech and press conference at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida that evening. But less than 10 minutes later, another email arrived saying those same credentials were denied.

“Upon arriving at Trump’s private club, he was denied entry and escorted off of the property. Schreckinger, whose latest story on Trump campaign was a report on concerns about campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s temperament and behavior, never received an explanation as to why his credentials have been denied. … [POLITICO editor Susan Glasser said in a statement:] ‘I’m saddened by the personal nature of the Trump campaign’s attack on an excellent reporter, Ben Schreckinger. The campaign provided no explanation for barring our reporter from Donald Trump’s speech tonight.’” http://politi.co/1YYQ2w4

PIC DU JOUR — CNN’s Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1): “@SchreckReports, Politico’s Trump reporter, denied access to press conference. Here he is, leaving Mar-A-Lago” (Ben waves from his rental car) http://bit.ly/1Pbnd8k

TOP TWEETS: @realDonaldTrump: “Watching other networks and local news. Really good night! Crazy @megynkelly is unwatchable.” … @MarcACaputo: “The scope of Trump’s victory in Florida is staggering: He’s on target to win 66 of 67 counties” (except Miami-Dade) … @jaketapper: “CAN Trump win the 60% or so remaining delegates he needs to secure nomination before convention? Yes, possible bc of winner take all states” … @kenvogel: “Trump shout out to embattled campaign manager (symbolically positioned on stage during speech): ‘Good job, Corey’” http://bit.ly/21uEOPr …

… CNN’s @JDiamond1: “During an event billed as a press conference, @realDonaldTrump takes no questions” … @KatyTurNBC: “In Trump audience tonight, Mar-a-Lago members decked out in ball gowns and diamonds. Initiation fee here reportedly 100–200 thousand dollars” … @RyanLizza: “Trump stands next to man who allegedly attacked reporter, calls press disgusting, doesn’t take questions at ‘press conference’” … @IsaacDovere: “outlets that haven’t yet been banned from Trump events should be asking themselves y they haven’t been tough enough” …@NickRiccardi: “Sanders spoke for 59 minutes and 37 seconds without mentioning tonight’s election results” … @GlennThrush: “Bernie will have a big $ haul tomorrow — but he’s also going to start facing first serious pressure to end this, join united front vs. Trump” …

… @ezraklein: “I still think Rubio would’ve been a strong general-election nominee, and tonight is great news for Hillary Clinton” … Katie Hinman (@khinman): “Cruz called Senator Rubio, reports [CNN’s] @SunlenSerfaty. The call went straight to voicemail” … Molly Ball (@mollyesque): “’We are going to go all the way to Cleveland!’ says Kasich in Berea, 15 miles from Cleveland” … @CHueyBurnsRCP: “The fact that a governor winning his home state is a huge victory tells you a lot about this cycle” … @frankrichny: “If Kasich is the high road, it’s quite tedious and self-infatuated.”

GOOD LUCK, GUYS! “Top conservatives gather to plot third-party run against Trump,” by Shane Goldmacher: “Three influential leaders … have summoned other top conservatives for a closed-door meeting [tomorrow] in Washington … to talk about how to stop Donald Trump and, should he become the Republican nominee, how to run a third-party ‘true conservative’ challenger in the fall. The organizers of the meeting include Bill Wichterman, who was President George W. Bush’s liaison to the conservative movement; Bob Fischer, a South Dakota businessman and longtime conservative convener; and Erick Erickson.” http://politi.co/1Rkiuc6

“Koch donors divided over failure to stop Donald Trump,” by Peter Stone in The Guardian: “After pushing for a Koch network blitz against Trump, the conservative network’s top political operative, Marc Short, left last month to advise the Rubio campaign and consult for several Senate and gubernatorial candidates, some of whom are likely to get Koch network backing too … ‘Marc Short felt strongly that something had to be done about Trump, [and] advocated for getting involved,’ one conservative said.” http://bit.ly/1ptj1wj

INSIDE THE CAMPAIGNS — “Cruz starts his shift to the middle: He needs to consolidate the Never-Trump voters, but Kasich might stand in his way,” by Katie Glueck: “[A]lready, he’s learning to stretch. Behind closed doors, Cruz’s aides are talking about how to draw more centrist supporters as Republican rivals drop out. They have given former Jeb Bush donors access to the entire campaign leadership team. And Cruz has made overtures to Senate colleagues who despise him, praising Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio and talking by phone with Lindsey Graham.” http://politi.co/1U6z8wr

— “Kasich camp names advisers with contested convention experience,” by Nick Gass: “Those joining the effort include Stu Spencer, who served as Ronald Reagan’s chief strategist for his two gubernatorial campaigns in California in 1966 and 1970 and his two presidential campaigns in 1980 and 1984; Charlie Black, who advised Reagan and both Bushes in the White House, as well as Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign; former Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.); … and longtime Tennessee operative Tom Ingram, who served in a similar capacity for erstwhile candidate Jeb Bush.” http://politi.co/1M6OyxI

TAMPA BAY TIMES banner, “OUT AT HOME: Donald Trump’s victory ends Marco Rubio’s presidential ambitions in 2016.” See the page. http://politi.co/1RlKjKG

— “Inside Marco’s Hollow Campaign: Rubio’s overconfident team refused to invest. Voters returned the favor,” by Eli Stokols and Shane Goldmacher: “Rubio’s strategy was always an inside straight-overly reliant on a candidate’s ability to dominate free national media in order to outperform, outwit and eventually outlast a wide field of rivals. It was sketched out by an inner circle of advisers who believed they could eschew the very fundamentals of presidential campaigning because they had a candidate who transcended. That’s exactly what happened in 2016; it just turned out Rubio wasn’t the one transcending. …

“Rubio’s tight-knit group of mostly 40-something bros believed wholeheartedly that they didn’t need a specific early-state win. They didn’t need a particular political base. They didn’t need to talk process. They didn’t need a ground game. They didn’t need to be the immediate front-runner. All they needed was Marco.” http://politi.co/1YYPUfW

— @FiveThirtyEight tweets TIME’s cover from Feb. 18, 2013, “The Republican Savior: How Marco Rubio became the new voice of the GOP,” by Michael Grunwald http://bit.ly/1RNooN1 …Grunwald’s story http://ti.me/1XuzUkA

CLICKER: Yesterday’s primaries in 26 pics (compiled by Kristen East) http://politi.co/1RlBcKa

DELEGATE MATH — AP’s Cal Woodward: “Clinton now has a total of at least 1,561, including superdelegates; that’s 66 percent of the total needed to win the Democratic nomination. Sanders has at least 800. … Trump passed the halfway mark in the race for GOP delegates, with a total of at least 621 … Cruz has at least 396 delegates, John Kasich has 138 and Rubio left the race with 168.” http://apne.ws/1MlZGBG

AP ADVISORY, 12:44 a.m.: “With 98.8 percent of precincts reporting in Missouri, both the Republican and Democratic races in the state’s presidential primaries are too close to call. The margins in the race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the Republican race, and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race, are less than one-half of 1 percentage point. That means the losing candidate can request a recount. As such, The Associated Press will not call either the race at this time.”

UP NEXT — AP’s Nancy Benac: “[C]andidates point their planes west. Next week’s races include voting in both parties in Utah and Arizona, and Democratic caucuses in Idaho. The Democrats also have contests in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state on March 26.” http://apne.ws/1ptqfAk

COVERING THE COVERAGE — WashPost Style front, bottom of page, “Black and blue and read all over, reporters love the Trump beat,” by Paul Farhi in Tampa (online: “Despite the beatdown, reporters love the Trump beat”: “Reporters on the Trump beat, particularly women, have said they sometimes feel unsafe during his rallies. The threat, however, seems mostly confined to the mass booing of the news media that Trump orchestrates and the occasional catcalls from the crowd.

“Three journalists have been slightly injured in the course of covering Trump over the past two weeks. Time photographer Christopher Morris was choke-slammed by a Secret Service officer after he sought to take pictures of protesters at a Virginia rally. Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields was bruised … CBS News correspondent Sopan Deb suffered a minor cut last week when he was thrown to the ground and arrested by Chicago police while recording an unruly protest outside a rally. …

“[At a Trump rally Sunday night in West Boca Raton, a] Trump staffer spotted Michael Mayo, a columnist for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, mingling with the crowd … and ordered him into the press pen. Mayo declined, and the staffer … found a police officer who told Mayo that he faced arrest for trespassing if he didn’t comply. Mayo protested that he had a right to stand peacefully in the crowd, but he left the premises. ‘Trump wants the press in a pen so he can use us as a prop to mock and deride us,’ Mayo said.” http://wapo.st/1XuoLQL

HOT VIDEO — @BuzzFeedNews: “How Trump Handles Protesters At Rallies Vs. How Obama Handles Protesters At Rallies” — 2-min. video http://bit.ly/1pKDFaZ

LATE-NIGHT BEST: “John Oliver And Stephen Colbert Discuss ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again’ Hats” — via HuffPost: “Even Jay Z wanted one.” 5-min. video http://huff.to/1U6yI9n

HOT TAKES — WashPost A1, below fold, “Rubio’s demise marks last gasp of Republican reboot,” by Bob Costa and Phil Rucker in West Miami, Fla.: “Newt Gingrich said that Rubio campaigned in a way that quickly became obsolete. ‘Rubio was prepared, much like Jeb Bush, for a reasonable dialogue in Washington policy language, offering positions that reflect 40 years of national security and foreign-policy experts. All of that disappeared. The market didn’t care,’ Gingrich said. … In a year infused with anger, [former Romney strategist Stuart Stevens] said, Rubio failed to meet the moment with the policies he had spent years studying.” http://wapo.st/1PbhPC7

— DAN BALZ “The Take” column on WashPost A1, “The delegate math gets better for the front-runners”:”The Ohio results represented a back-breaking blow to Sanders. … Clinton holds a lead of nearly 300 pledged delegates, … a bigger lead in pledged delegates than then-Sen. Barack Obama had in his epic battle against Clinton eight years ago. … Clinton’s victory speech in Florida … was aimed at a general-election contest against Trump. …

“Trump’s victories were another reminder of his ability to overcome adversity. For the past five days he has been on the defensive … Meanwhile, Trump is winning. He wins states, and he wins delegates. He has won in every region of the country, and his appeal to Republicans continues to be cross-cutting. It becomes ever harder to deny him the nomination.” http://wapo.st/1LpWrOM

N.Y. POST COVER, with Trump pointing: “GATOR RAID! Trump storms Florida, forcing Rubio to quit — Kasich takes Ohio — Big winner Hillary looking unstoppable.” See the cover. http://nyp.st/1U6BvPZ

PRINT HEADLINES: Cleveland Plain Dealer banner, “KASICH WINS OHIO; RUBIO DROPS OUT: Trump, Clinton land big wins; possibility of brokered GOP convention remains” …Columbus Dispatch, “Kasich wins Ohio” … WashPost 5-col. lead, “Clinton, Trump roll on” … N.Y. Times banner, “CLINTON AND TRUMP PILE UP THE DELEGATES: Voters Reject Bid by Sanders in Rebound … Rubio Is Out -Kasich Wins in Ohio.” See the page.http://nyti.ms/22laaum … USA Today, “Trump wins Fla., Ill., N.C.”

#Metromageddon: “unprecedented daylong shutdown” — AP’s Ben Nuckols and Jessica Gresco: “Ridership on Metro has dipped as the system’s reliability has deteriorated, and gripes on social media occur daily. Still, more than 700,000 people hop on the trains every day … The nation’s second-busiest transit system was shut down at midnight Tuesday for a system-wide safety inspection of its third-rail power cables, prompted by a series of electrical fires. It will reopen at 5 a.m. Thursday unless inspectors find an immediate threat to passenger safety.” http://apne.ws/1QWXO6A

— WashPost A1, below fold (sidebar), “Stunned riders bemoan late word about closure,” by T. Rees Shapiro, Mike DeBonis and Emma Brown: “Jim Dinegar, president of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, said he is concerned that the shutdown will have a chilling effect on tourism in the short and the long term. Metro’s inspections on Wednesday could turn up new problems that further shake public confidence in the troubled rail system, he said. ‘They won’t find good things,’ he said. ‘They’ll find risks.’ Many Metro advocates and passengers said the shutdown is a sign of the need for greater public investment in the system.” http://wapo.st/1RlI8Xq

GAME CHANGE — N.Y. Times, bottom of front page, “Game May Never Be the Same As N.F.L. Shifts on Concussions,” by Ken Belson and Alan Schwarz: “[S]even words spoken [in a hearing room for the House Energy and Commerce Committee] in the Rayburn House Office Building [in response to a question by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)]… on Monday could profoundly affect the country’s most popular sport. … To many, it was an echo of big tobacco’s confession in 1997 that smoking causes cancer and heart disease.”

— NYT Quotation of the Day: JEFF MILLER, the N.F.L.’s senior vice president for health and safety policy, in the league’s first acknowledgment of a link between football and degenerative brain disorders: “The answer to that is certainly, yes.” http://nyti.ms/1R28Hlu

AMAZING PIC of Hillary and 43 was shot with an iPhone … John Heubusch , executive director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, took the pic of Hillary and W embracing at Nancy Reagan’s service, in the hold just before the service. John tells Playbook: “The feedback was excellent. I would have to say 90% of it was positive in that people felt it was good to see some bipartisanship in these difficult days where the tone of the presidential primaries has been as ugly as it’s been. … I was simply in the right place at the right time. I snapped it with my iPhone and take no credit for being a brilliant photographer.” See the pic. http://bit.ly/1QRREG7

OBAMA ALUMNI — “Eric Holder, Columbia U discussing civil rights institute named for him,” by Politico’s Conor Skelding: “Columbia University will not host the Obama Presidential Library, but may receive a sort of consolation prize: an institute named for … Holder … [who] graduated from Columbia College in 1973 and Columbia Law School in 1976.” http://politi.co/1QWPofk

REMEMBERING PEGGY GIRSHMAN — NPR’s Joe Neel : “Science and health care journalism lost Peggy Girshman on Monday, one of the profession’s fiercest advocates and gentlest souls. She was 61. Girshman was a leader at many news and professional organizations, including NPR, NBC News, the National Association of Science Writers and Kaiser Health News, which she co-founded. Over the years, she won four local Emmys and a national one.” http://n.pr/1nNpGPT

BREAKING at MSNBC — L.A. Times’ Stephen Battaglio: “Janelle Rodriguez, senior vice president in charge of editorial for NBC News, is adding cable network MSNBC’s daytime coverage to her portfolio. Rodriguez … has already been involved in aligning MSNBC more closely with the broadcast news division. The network has moved away from progressive political opinion during the day for more breaking news coverage, a directional change made after Andy Lack was named chairman of NBC News and MSNBC last March.” http://lat.ms/22lwXGo

MEDIAWATCH — “The BuzzFeed Buzz Saw: Why Campaigns Should Fear These Four 20-Somethings,” by NPR’s David Folkenflik: “Andrew Kaczynski, 26, runs a political research unit for [BuzzFeed], scouring the historical record to unearth buried stances taken by leading candidates. A surprising number of the controversies and scoops that surface in televised debates and interviews started with Kaczynski’s four-person team, called the K-File. … BuzzFeed is offering a new multimedia form of accountability journalism: repeatedly revealing the candidates’ contradictions, hypocrisies, misstatements — and, at times, flat-out weirdness.” http://n.pr/1TNdmNL

— “New York Times guidelines aim to temper use of anonymous sources,” by Joe Pompeo: “The new rules mandate that story leads based on anonymous sourcing must be submitted to one of the paper’s top three editors for advance approval. Additionally, ‘Every other use of anonymous sourcing anywhere in any story must be personally approved in advance by the department head or deputy,’ executive editor Dean Baquet and two of his lieutenants wrote in a memo to staff on Tuesday. … The full memo … was forwarded to POLITICO by an anonymous source [!].” http://politi.co/1S3qOtw

— “Breitbart sends ‘cease and desist’ letters to former staffers,” by Hadas Gold: “The company sent out cease and desist letters to some of the employees who left the company in the past week.” http://politi.co/1Pbf3Ne

OUT AND ABOUT: Richard Gere was in town last night, celebrating N Street Village, a community of empowerment and support for homeless and low-income women. Also being honored at the gala at the Ritz-Carlton was Comcast’s Melissa Maxfield. SPOTTED: Sens. Mike Enzi and Bill Nelson, former Sens. Tom Daschle, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, and Byron Dorgan, Reps. Donald Payne, Jr., Joe Crowley, Ed Royce, Ed Whitfield, Patrick Murphy, former Rep. David Bonior, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler.

POSTCARD FROM MIAMI BEACH … What Daniel learned at the Faith Angle Forum yesterday, in a panel on “Terror in the Name of God: Its Causes, Its Sources,” Imam Abdullah Antepli, chief representative of Muslim affairs at Duke and an Islamic Studies professor there, was asked by the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes what percentage of Muslims hate America: “I know it’s very small. Many people who are so angry with our foreign policies, angry with our economic policies, as a result, they sit on a pile of anger and frustration. Even then when [some say] death to America with right hand, with the left hand they are saying ‘give me visa.’” Kathleen Parker’s WashPost column from Miami Beach, “Understanding the Islamic State” http://wapo.st/22l75uf

BIRTHDAYS: Jeff Nussbaum, partner at West Wing Writers and the pride of Weston, Mass. (h/ts colleague Clare Doody and Teresa Vilmain) … Jason Rosenbaum, director of digital advertising at Hillary for America and a Google, DSCC and DCCC alum, rainmaker and bon vivant … Andy Lewin, principal at the Podesta Group and a Kansas Jayhawk … Art Collins, founding and managing partner at theGROUP (h/ts Jon Haber) … Rebecca Coffman, comms. manager at Freedom Partners, a RNC and Generation Opportunity alum, and the pride of Franklin Lakes, NJ (h/ts Mike Lurie and Ali Pardo) … Alex Stabler, who works in strategy at PR agency 42west and a Glover Park Group alum … WaPo’s Ellen McCarthy …

… Eric Avram, VP for talent, booking and ABC News specialized units at Disney/ABC Television Group … White House staffer Darren Martin (h/t Jean Roseme) … Kaveh Waddell, cyber reporter for The Atlantic (h/t girlfriend Bree Baccaglini) … Kevin Varney, former Clinton and Obama administration official, and current senior director for international operations and policy at Boeing (h/t Tom O’Donnell, filing from SXSW in Austin) … Riccardo Reati, strategy and operational innovation lead at Zurich North America (h/t wife Lydia Mulvany) … Patrick Murphy, owner of 3 Click Solutions … Brian Rosenthal, Austin statehouse reporter for the Houston Chronicle …

… Amy Shuster, coordinating producer at MSNBC dayside and a Rachel Maddow alum … Kate Brown, CEO and founder of Buzz by Brown, and a Foreign Policy and New America alum … Gary Emerling, senior news editor at U.S. News … Brian Young, a Fox News and ABC alum … Mike Enzi alum Elly Pickett … Kathy Prendergast … Ky Griffin … Carl Holshauser … Tom McDonough …Jim McCray … Kimmie Lipscomb of Morgan Stanley … Christopher Swift … Maura Brueger … Seth Boffeli … Jed Hastings (h/ts Teresa) … comedian-director Jerry Lewis is 90 … game show host Chuck Woolery is 75 … Erik Estrada is 67 (h/t Ron Bonjean) … World Golf Hall of Famer Hollis Stacy is 62 … Flavor Flav (Public Enemy) is 57 … rock musician Wolfgang Van Halen is 25 (h/ts AP)

** A message from the U.S. Postal Service: Direct Mail is Now a Digital Delivery System: Mail technologies can prepare campaigns for a digital home run. As more constituents are turning to digital channels, digitally enabled direct mail can break through political noise to bolster voter engagement. Know what mail can do. And know it can do more.

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