POLITICO Playbook — TRUMP VICTORY LAP: ‘Enron-style purge of her emails … rigged … bribe’

Good Wednesday morning. It’s 12 days to Cleveland, 19 days to Philly, and 126 days to Election Day. Charlotte Observer front page shows Obama, Clinton and Trump, all in the Tar Heel State yesterday. http://bit.ly/29pA7pG

ABOUT LAST NIGHT … “Trump goes off on Clinton’s email, Obama’s plane, Saddam Hussein,” by Ben Schreckinger: “Speaking to a boisterous crowd in Raleigh, … Trump’s takeaway line on Clinton: ‘She can’t keep her emails safe, and she can’t keep our country safe.’ … proof of a ‘rigged system’ … [On Iraq:] ‘Harvard for terrorists.’ … [On the GOP:] ‘We need real unity and the leaders have to get supportive and if they don’t get supportive, we’re going to win anyway. Don’t worry about it. In fact, probably I do better without the kind of support that I’m talking about because that’s why I’m here in the first place’ …

“[Returning again and again to Clinton:] ‘She said today that, “We may consider the attorney general to go forward.” That’s like a bribe, isn’t it? … I think it’s a bribe … I mean that if she wins she’s going to consider extending the attorney general. I’m not knocking the attorney general. What I’m saying is, “How can you say that?”’ … ‘She went to extraordinary lengths to carry out an Enron-style purge of her emails’ … Bernie Sanders lost the ‘FBI primary.’ … ‘Her speech was terrible. I watched it. How boring was that speech?’” http://politi.co/29hpjXu

By Mike Allen (@mikeallen; mallen@politico.com) and Daniel Lippman (@dlippman; dlippman@politico.com)

— “GOP foreign policy elites flock to Clinton,” by Michael Crowley and Alex Isenstadt: “Trump has tried to make a virtue of his isolation. During an April 27 foreign policy address, Trump said that he would ‘look for talented experts with approaches and practical ideas, rather than surrounding myself with those who have perfect résumés but very little to brag about except responsibility for a long history of failed policies and continued losses at war …

“’We have to look to new people because many of the old people frankly don’t know what they’re doing, even though they may look awfully good writing in The New York Times or being watched on television.’” http://politi.co/29hrcDg

DRIVING THE DAY: In advance of Hillary Clinton’s speech in Atlantic City today, her campaign releases a “video documenting Trump’s fraudulent pattern in Atlantic City … Clinton’s speech will be on the front of the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Clinton will be introduced by a small business person who was hurt by Trump in Atlantic City.” http://bit.ly/29hfhFS

STATE OF THE ART — Republican National Convention app launches: “Users will be able to watch our YouTube 360-degree livestream broadcast of the convention floor … stay up-to-date on the Convention schedule, find your way around Cleveland and the Convention Complex [including the nearest restroom], check out your favorite speeches, or watch the proceedings live.” Screenshot http://bit.ly/29w7nxA … The app in the Apple Store http://apple.co/29vRJ5j... Google Play http://bit.ly/29jJXXs

ARTICLE OF THE DAY: “How the FBI director systematically dismantled Hillary Clinton’s email defense,” by WashPost’s Roz Helderman: “Comey’s remarks … directly contradicted much of what Clinton had said … Here’s how Comey’s statements stack up against Clinton’s explanations.” http://wapo.st/29qjjO2

RNC VIDEO, “Tale of Two Conferences,” interspersing Comey and Clinton http://bit.ly/29ntoeh

N.Y. POST cover shows a smiling Hillary, in figure-skating skirt, pirouetting past a hole in the ice, on a rink frozen over an FBI logo: “HILL SKATES: Clinton gets away with it — again” http://nyp.st/29n9faI … N.Y. DAILY NEWS cover tease shows Obama and Hillary, “I’M WITH CARELESS.” http://nydn.us/vp5qdB

BANNER HEADLINES: N.Y. Times, “STERN REBUKE, BUT NO CHARGES, FOR CLINTON” …WashPost, “FBI: Clinton ‘careless,’ not criminal” … Drudge, “LAWS ARE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE.”

BUYER’S REMORSE … Posted at 5 a.m.: JONATHAN MARTIN, “On Hillary Clinton’s Rough Day, Republicans Rue Missed Chance”: “For the Republican establishment, the months since Mr. Trump began closing in on the presidential nomination have been a season of dismay and frustration: Handed a historically weak Democratic opponent, … the party’s voters responded by nominating a candidate even more unpopular and toxic than Mrs. Clinton.

“But there have been few days during this cycle of disbelief in which the sense of regret has been as palpable for Republican strategists and policy makers as when Mr. Comey jolted the political world back to life after a long holiday weekend.” http://nyti.ms/29mglen

— @seanspicer: “The findings of the @FBI are a clear indictment of @HillaryClinton’s judgement and fitness to be President.”

TICK-TOCK — “Behind James Comey’s Big Gamble ,” by Garrett M. Graff, author of “The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Global Terror,” in Politico Magazine: “During the winter, as the long-running investigation unfolded, the FBI did not expect to make any sort of public statement … But … Comey and his leadership team had come to understand that the public credibility of the century-old law enforcement agency would hinge on its handling of the politically touchy email investigation.” http://politi.co/29l5OTt

— TIME’s Michael Scherer: “Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill previously told TIME that her attorneys had individually read every email … ‘Every one of the more than 60,000 emails were read. Period,’ Merrill wrote in one email … ‘The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails,’ said FBI Director James Comey in a statement on Tuesday. ‘Instead, they relied on header information and used search terms to try to find all work-related e-mails.’” http://ti.me/29ikf5T

GLENN THRUSH, “5 takeaways from Clinton’s email reprieve : While the campaign dodges a bullet — dashing GOP hopes — the scandal will live on”: “1) Americans still don’t trust Clinton. … 2) Paranoia may destroy her. … 3) The system is rigged! … 4) Trump vs. Comey? … 5) Stop using email.” http://politi.co/29gUwtv

** A message from JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Many JPMorgan Chase employees have been applying their expertise in finance, technology, operations and marketing on-site with nonprofits around the globe. Meet some top employees who volunteer with our Service Corps to help make an impact in communities like New Orleans http://bit.ly/298sSme**

DAILY DONALD — “Democrats bet the House on Trump,” by Isaac Dovere: “As part of an effort to nationalize the November elections by tying Republicans to their lightning-rod presidential nominee, House Democrats have begun collaborating with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to build what they’re calling their ‘Trump model’ of persuadable voters. … [The DCCC] is also preparing to go up on television in districts earlier than in any previous cycle with an ad campaign designed to buttress the Trump-centric messaging guidance that’s already emanating from Washington — all built around a ‘party over country’-themed plan of attack for the fall.” http://politi.co/29nys2j

BREAKING — “Chilcot says Iraq war was ‘not last resort,’” by Times of London’s Sean O’Neill, Chief Reporter and Francis Elliott, Political Editor: “Tony Blair wrote to George W. Bush eight months before the invasion of Iraq assuring the United States president: ‘I will be with you, whatever’ … The note … was published today alongside the long-awaited Chilcot report which delivered a damning verdict on Britain’s decision to go to war in Iraq and the conduct of the subsequent occupation of the country. …

“The note and other assurances of support to the White House appear to contradict Mr Blair’s claims to his cabinet and to the public that no decisions had been taken to join US military action in Iraq in the year before the invasion.” http://bit.ly/29wagi8

SPOTTED: Speaker Ryan going into the Bubbles hair salon on Pennsylvania Avenue on the House side, with his security detail.

BRENDAN BUCK, chief comms. advisor to Speaker Ryan, has been named to the 40 under 40 “successful young graduates of the University of Georgia.” http://bit.ly/29pVplL

CLICKER: Matt Wuerker’s June cartoons — 14 funnies http://politi.co/29tzagm

MEDIAWATCH: Politico “Congress team news,” from Susan Glasser, Peter Canellos and Mike Zapler:”Rachael Bade is moving to the House leadership beat [succeeding Jake Sherman] … Rachael started breaking news within about two hours of joining the Congress team in the spring of 2015 … Rachael joined the Pro Tax team in 2012 from CQ-Roll Call and made her mark covering the IRS tea party targeting scandal, including a bombshell interview with Lois Lerner.”

— REBECCA BERG joins CNN as a political analyst, in addition to her work for RealClearPolitics.

— “Rory Smith Joins NYT as Chief Soccer Correspondent & Andrew Keh Named European Sports Correspondent” — sports editor Jason Stallman emailed the staff. “Rory Smith is joining us from The Times of London to be our chief soccer correspondent. … We now have one of the smartest soccer writers on the planet covering the world’s most popular sport, full time, from England. … With Sam Borden’s wildly successful stint as our first European correspondent nearing an end, Andrew Keh is packing up to replace him.” http://bit.ly/29l5Mei

THE FUTURE OF NEWS — “Disney’s Digital General,” by The Information’s Tom Dotan and Martin Peers: “Walt Disney Co. executives have been deep in discussions with Major League Baseball over a proposed billion-dollar investment in the league’s video streaming division. And the man leading the talks [is] one of CEO Bob Iger’s top lieutenants, Kevin Mayer. … If, as some expect, Disney decides to try to buy full control of Vice, the … 54-year-old chief strategy officer will likely be the one who leads the backroom negotiations.” http://bit.ly/29NU1J3

AMERICA: STILL GREAT! Houston Chronicle p. 1, “Study says U.S. tops world in oil reserves,” by Collin Eaton: “It’s a milestone that forecasts greater power and influence in global markets for U.S. producers, which have long been buffeted by the decisions and actions of Saudi Arabia and Russia … [The] findings are another example of the profound impact of the … shale revolution, which by opening vast new reserves of oil and gas.” http://bit.ly/29huScY

— A1 graphic, “Top 10 countries by recoverable oil reserves,” per Rystad Energy: 1) United States: 264 billion barrels … 2) Russia: 256 billion barrels … 3) Saudi Arabia: 212 billion barrels … 4) Canada: 167 billion barrels … 5) Iran: 143 billion barrels … 6) Brazil: 120 billion barrels … 7) Iraq: 117 billion barrels … 8) Venezuela: 95 billion barrels … 9) Mexico: 72 billion barrels … 10) China: 59 billion barrels.

WORLD UPENDED … “PREVIEW: In shadow of Brexit, NATO considers Russian deterrence,” by Reuters’ Robin Emmott in Brussels: “NATO leaders [including Obama] meet in Warsaw on Friday to cement a new deterrent against what they see as an emboldened Russia, returning to Cold War-style defense with Washington again taking the part of Europe’s protector. … NATO’s modernization is crystallizing around a new force in the Baltics and Poland of up to 4,000 troops to serve as a constant reminder to Moscow that the alliance is back to its founding mandate of defending its territory, after years of missions beyond its borders. …

“That puts Washington back in its post-World War Two role of defending its European allies, despite Obama’s efforts to refocus U.S. attention on the growing economies of Asia and to encourage Europe to take care of its own neighborhood. ‘It’s like trying to leave the Mafia,’ said one senior Western defense official of Obama’s November 2011 ‘pivot to Asia’ and away from Europe.” http://reut.rs/29jUiCK

VIDEO DU JOUR: “Obama’s Many Faces on the Campaign Trail,” by Matt Negrin and Griffin Hammond of Bloomberg Politics http://bit.ly/29pUZvQ

WELCOME TO THE WORLD — Leslie Foti of Rep. Paul Gosar’s office and Anthony Foti, chief of staff to Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.), have welcomed Phillip Jensen Foti, born June 21st, weighing in at a solid and exact 8 pounds. Pic of him wearing his fav Guns n Roses onesie http://bit.ly/29pUrWZ

ENGAGED — BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN Senior Political Correspondent to Fernando Lujan, Army Special Forces Officer and Director for Afghanistan on the National Security Council. Kristen Welker emails us a pool report: “Fernando popped the question July 4th while watching fireworks at home with Bri. The couple celebrated afterward at Fiola Mare in Georgetown, where the chefs had graciously agreed to Fernando’s request to keep the kitchen open an extra hour.

“Bri and Fernando first met at a happy hour in 2012. Recognizing he was a catch, she tried to set him up with one of her girlfriends but the idea fizzled. When they reconnected last November Bri immediately tried to set Fernando up with another girlfriend! Fernando explained he wanted to date her, not her friends, and he talked her to dinner.” Pichttp://politi.co/29pDNb9

ENGAGED — Zach Cikanek proposed to Jolyn M. Lorenzetti on Sunday in Chicago (where they are both from) surrounded by his family under the fireworks at the Oak Brook Polo Grounds. Jolyn is a Romney and Jeb alum and Zach is now VP of Public Affairs at FP1 Strategies, formerly with API and Rep. Judy Biggert (IL). “We actually met in Congresswoman Biggert’s office … We just celebrated our 6th anniversary this past Thursday.” Pic http://bit.ly/29tfcCu

TRANSITIONS: ADAM BOZZI emails friends and colleagues: Tuesday was “my last day as Senator Michael Bennet’s communications director. I am joining the team at End Citizens United PAC later this week.”

STATE DEPT. DEPARTURE LOUNGE: Friday will be Moira Whelan’s last day as the State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Digital Strategy. “After 3 agencies (DHS, USAID and State), 4 bosses at State (PJ Crowley, Mike Hammer, Doug Frantz and John Kirby), I’ve had enough of government and will now be my own boss. Find me on social media!”

BIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Media Matters’ Ben Dimiero

BIRTHDAYS: President George W. Bush is 7–0 … Apple’s Nick Ammenn (h/t Joel Johnson) … John Dickerson is 48 (h/t Caitlin Conant) …CBSN’s Josh Elliott is 45 … 50 Cent is 41 … former first daughter Susan Ford Bales is 59 … Christyn Lansing, comms director at Politico and a Rob Portman alum (h/ts Gerrit, Brad, Meg, Jon) … Ron Fournier is 53 … Jill Zuckman, managing director at SKDKnickerbocker (h/t Hilary Rosen) … CNN’s Athena Jones … Eleanor Clift … Jennifer Duffy, senior editor at The Cook Political Report … Richard Benedetto of AU and a USA Today alum … Anita Kumar, White House correspondent at McClatchy Newspapers … Austin Lavin (h/t Mom and Dad, Lauren and Carl) … Kimberly Dozier, a Daily Beast and CNN contributor, and CBS and AP alum … Chris Paulitz, SVP for membership and marketing at Financial Services Institute (h/t Dale Brown) … DoD alum Mark Tomb, director of corporate affairs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise … DNC alum Cloe Axelson, now in comms. for Match Education … Virginia state Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel … Politico’s Tyler Pager …

… Zachary Karabell, Envestnet head of global strategy, is 49 … Charlie Sherwood … WashPost’s Glenn Kessler, the pride of Cincinnati … Danny Sepulveda … Henry Oliver … Judah Ginsberg is 74 … Sean Maroney, anchor for North Carolina’s WNCN and a VOA alum … Michelle Riesterer … Caitlin Helfrich … Bryan Goettel, director of comms. at Supernova Companies and a U.S. Chamber alum … Stephen Carter, senior comms. manager at Microsoft and a Anne Lewis Strategies and DCCC alum … Petra Collins … Thomas Mucha … Kaylan Lehotsky Schreffler, who worked on the WH website during part of Bush 43 (h/t David Almacy) … Hilary Bombard, client strategy at Targeted Victory and a Romney alum … Amb. Danny Sepulveda, deputy assistant secretary at State’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs … Patrick Hanley, public affairs officer at LSE in London … OFA alum Randall K. Benjamin II, community partnerships manager at Safe Routes to School National Partnership … Ken Opin … Jeff Gaumer (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … singer-actress Della Reese is 85 … The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is 81 … Ned Beatty is 79 … Sylvester Stallone is 70 … Kevin Hart is 37 … actor Jeremy Suarez is 26 (h/ts AP)

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