Attend A Free Marketing Seminar, Without Ever Leaving Your Home

There’s no doubt that attending Social Media Marketing World and Content Marketing World within the last 12 months were two of the best decisions of my career. The opportunities to learn from my esteemed peers and colleagues was unparalleled.

Of course, attending conferences like that can be expensive. Earlier in my career, the cost to travel and attend would have been beyond my reach. That’s why free, online seminars have been so important to my development.

Opportunities like the Content Promotion Summit.

I’ve been talking about it a lot because I believe it’s an incredible chance that I don’t want you to miss! It’s nearly finished, but if you grab your free ticket today, you’ll still be able to access ALL of the summit’s online sessions.

Over 65 marketers and experts talking about Social Media, Blogging, Email, Influencer Marketing, SEO and more. In fact, two brand new sessions have just been added on video, featuring Amy Schmittauer and Vincenzo Landino!

Register for your free ticket right now, and start learning from the best!