Twitter Just Got It’s Mojo Back & Here’s Why!

With the attention span of people decreasing, the emerging of new social platforms and new technologies coming into play on existing social media platforms, Twitter has seen a decrease in its active users leading to decreased engagement rates on the platform.

The slump we’ve been witnessing on Twitter is due to competition and although Twitter are trying to adapt to market changes by adding new features, buttons, functions the question remains — is it adapting fast enough and is this really their core problem? In my opinion, the answer is no.

There’s simply too much noise on the platform and although the ‘real-time’ element is what once defined Twitter as a platform, it took them too long (in comparison with competition such as Facebook) to adapt and implement an algorithm to the timeline to where you see the tweets that you care about the most rather than seeing all the tweets from everyone that you follow. The changes they made to the algorithm aren’t nearly as platform-changing as the one Facebook has made, but it is a departure from the real-time element that has defined Twitter from the beginning.

The recent update as announced by Twitter below no longer includes photos, videos, GIFs, polls or Quote Tweets toward character count.

Say more about what’s happening! Rolling out now: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters.
— Twitter (@twitter) September 19, 2016

With that being said, I personally think that this is a step in the right direction for Twitter. The update has nothing to do with being able to talk about more things in one tweet but rather simplifies things for users to better understand. The 140 character limit is still there but lessens the confusion for people with the ability to use all characters without having to worry about how much characters your photos, videos, polls, etc will take up.

What’s interesting is that Twitter did not include links in this update and they still contribute to your character count (23 characters to be exact). Could that be the next update that we see from Twitter?

What do you think about the latest Twitter update? Could Twitter get its mojo back and increase the amount of active users? Tweet to me now and let me know!

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