One man’s trash is some extra brownie points for me.

My wife wanted a bench in the backyard for quite some time. Yes, I could have gone out and bought one, but what can I say. I’m cheap and wanted to build it myself.

I came across 2 beat up end tables and a pile of 2x4s in our back alley just hoping for a second chance. Finally time to make good on my promise...

A father’s love knows no bounds. Or mercy.

I have always been pretty self-reliant putting little importance on many relationships. That all changed with the birth of my first child and daughter. I can now proudly say I understand the unconditional love and protectiveness that has driven many an action movie father to beat, maim, or otherwise destroy any threat that stands between him and the safety of his daughter.

So, in honor of my first Father’s Day, here is my list of the Top 5 Daddy-Daughter Action Movies. Ever. Be warned, there will be blood. And spoilers.

5. Man on Fire (2004)

Although not the actual father, there is no denying the…

Why you will never achieve the things you are always telling others about…

Way back when MySpace was the dominant social network, I was a recent college graduate, a high demand Macromedia Flash designer at one of those hip new dot-com start-ups, proud owner of a fancy new car and 2000 sqft home, and in love with buying stuff on credit. As far as society was concerned, I had made it. 20 years old and I was living the dream. I’m not going to lie, it felt pretty damn good… for awhile.

Six months into my dream I was presented an opportunity. A dear high school friend and Japanese foreign…

Mike Alonzo

A consummate tinkerer, I am always getting into something new. Find me at

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