Upcycle Project: End Table Bench

One man’s trash is some extra brownie points for me.

My wife wanted a bench in the backyard for quite some time. Yes, I could have gone out and bought one, but what can I say. I’m cheap and wanted to build it myself.

I came across 2 beat up end tables and a pile of 2x4s in our back alley just hoping for a second chance. Finally time to make good on my promise...

I removed all the old nails and hardware, sanded the end tables, and cut down the 2x4s to make a perfect 4ft wide bench seat.

I squared the 2 end tables and put all the pieces of wood in place. I secured each 2x4 down with my 18-gauge finish nailer, using 2in nails.

I sanded the whole bench seat with a belt sander, smoothing the corners.

I was pretty happy with the raw look, but the wife wanted it to pop more. So I busted out some left over paint.

It was 108 degrees in Scottsdale, AZ that day, so a second coat of paint dried almost immediately. I moved this beauty in place, and the wife finally had a bench to call her own.

When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.