The Journey Begins

Discipleship is not a sprint, or a program, but a lifelong pilgrimage up the mountain of Christlikeness.

Dear Home Group:

We have embarked on a journey together. Like Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf, and that one really good looking Elf — there is a mission before us.

In a word, our mission is simple: family.

Or in another word: community.

Or perhaps yet another: home.

Or still yet, one more: authenticity.

The long and worthwhile road in front of us, which we are daring to go down, is authentic Christian community.

We want to go beyond Sunday Service attendance, or participation in a seasonal book club, or even a short-term mission trip. We want to create actual relationships where people feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to the journey of following Jesus with our entire lives.

What if our home group became a place where 10–15 years from now you said, “These are the people who helped me confess ‘Jesus is Lord’ when I graduated college, when I got married, when I had my first child, when I went through loss, when I found success, when I wrestled with doubt...”?

What if our home group became a community where your kids were mentored, where you and your spouse were mentored, where you mentored others?

What if our home group became a place where you felt a sense of responsibility, not just consumerism, with regard to its spiritual vitality?

What if our home group became a community that crossed cultural and generational boundaries, and gave witness to what it looks like when people from various backgrounds choose to follow Jesus together?

Here’s the thing. Community — real substantive community, the kind you have with your dearest friends and family — is not built over a week, a month, or even a year. We are embarking on a journey that requires time, prayer, commitment, consistency, and frankly, a resistance to the kind of shallow quick-fix ‘christianity’ that is perpetuated in our day.

We are going up a mountain together! We need Gandalf to inspire us, Samwise to encourage us, Frodo to carry us, and that good looking Elf to… I don’t know man, I’ve never even watched more than half an hour of the LOTR Trilogy! It’s too long man. I need you to help me climb the mountain of watching Peter Jackson’s Tolkien inspired films.

See you all on Wednesday Night! Sign up for the potluck here. We will be meeting at the Scott’s place (30 Pebblestone Walk Sugar Land, TX), and we will continue to discuss Christian Words that are in need of reinvestigating. Dinner starts at 6.

Call or email me with any questions!

Mike Whang
Christ Church Sugar Land

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