Four keys to finally delegating

The individual used to doing everything him or herself is at a severe handicap in any organization large or small. The key to leveraging the individual is to add arms and legs to go with a controlling brain. The individual brain is capable of super-human feats; it is able to envision, to conceptualize, to generate ideas. The limitations come when putting that vision, or those ideas to work. I can’t be two places at once but other people using my ideas can be a thousand places.

Zuck had an idea to connect the world with his platform…he couldn’t do it alone. Today Facebook connects 1+ billion people with its staff of 15,000. There have been other good platforms, other good ideas that never moved beyond the individuals having them. Think of all the entrepreneurs who individually die with their idea. Too often the entrepreneur relies on what he/she can do. He/she becomes the company’s greatest asset — the greatest liability. Very few entrepreneurs are willing to let go. Letting go entails several critical elements:

1. Institutionalizing the genius of the individual:

Passing on the keys to the kingdom, so that the way of one can be franchised into the way of many.

2. Accepting limitations:

Entrepreneurs are heroic and bold and are used to doing the impossible. The problem comes with accepting that no one can do the impossible forever. For a while our nostrils flair and we breathe the eternal; we transcend limitation. Once limitations are accepted, plans can be made to give the organization life beyond the individual.

3. Delegating to others less able than you:

If we wait to find someone as good or better to do what we are able to do, we have waited too long. Give it up and accept it won’t be done as well as we could have done it but it will get done.

4. Prioritizing what you should keep doing:

What is the highest and best use of your time? Begin spending your time at the top of the list. If you don’t get through the list, even better — you’re doing what you should be doing.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work inside a large organization — quit trying to do everything; you‘ll never get it all done.

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