How-To Guide: Properly Place Shipping Labels

Once your item is packed, boxed, and sealed, you’ll need to address one last thing before shipping it out: attaching the shipping labels.

I’ve had enough wonky labels to know that label placement is very important.

Improper label placement can cause scanning problems, tracking problems, and even potentially damage a fragile item from unnecessary over-handling.

Always consider the people processing your shipment when placing your shipping labels. The easier you make it for them, the better.

By following these label placement guidelines, you will help insure your package arrives safely without issue.

Place shipping labels on the package’s largest surface.

Attach shipping labels and packing list envelopes firmly to avoid them being torn off in transit.

Place shipping labels, customs documents, and packing slips facing the same direction and on the same side of the package. This minimizes flipping or turning of the package, especially with packages that need to be “⇧ This Side Up ⇧”.

Avoid overlapping any other labels or documents.

Remove or cross out any old address labels on the outside box to avoid confusion.

Avoid wrapping labels around a corner or placing them directly on an edge or seam.

Avoid covering barcodes with packing tape.

When placing a label onto a round object like a mailing tube, it is very important that the barcode is placed perpendicular to the curve of the item so that the barcode can be easily scanned.

Consider stocking up on clear adhesive envelopes, called packing list envelopes — they are a shipping essential. Packing list envelopes allow you to place your label and any customs documentation in a protected window that sticks directly to your package. They are used for security and easy visibility purposes and can be purchased at most office supplies stores, or for free from most carriers.

Place delivery information inside and outside the package, including an address for your recipient and for yourself.

Double-check that all labels are accounted for on your package.

By taking a few minutes and following these easy guidelines, you will help ensure your package gets delivered safely.

Remember, you’re provided with all necessary labels and customs documentation when you process your shipments using ShipTime. Just print, attach, ship. It’s pretty easy.

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