Kill For Me (Movie Reviews)

Kill For Me Story- A woman named Ananda who is trying to get a quick disappearance with her room mate when her other friend realize that it is an empty place, they make it sufficient for a woman namely Hailey. They get friend very soon and eventually their relationship grows a little bit deep. Ananda’s ex-boyfriend comes to the plot and appeals to her that he has changed after his friend’s disappearance.
One day at noon, he discloses at her home and hit her seriously. Hailey makes know and tries to exit the smite, and takes away him from the fact. The real fact is that Hailey desires facilities coming back and she wants Ananda’s destruction for her.

When the film opens, the important fact is that came to the mind was Lifetime Movie of the week. After developing the film, my thinking was gradually changed. It is a nice reasonable excitement. I really loved Cassidy’s performance. Being completing her acting feeling, it was nicely a real creation that very thrilling to watch. To her, it was a perfect role. The discussion was going on with Donal Logue. As I am habituated to see him in the comedian character, he was acting in a thrilling role so it was a great change in him. The most moving fact of the film will remain you surprising until the end of the movie. After sometime I was a little bit surprise thinking about which character was truthful. It is a perfect film for anyone and it would remain you on the benefit of your seat or sofa.

Movies Information: It’s Fully Drama With Thriller. Michael Greenspan is Directed This Film. Christopher Dodd and Michael Greenspan are Writes by Screenplay. Starring by Torrance Coombs, Shannon Chan-Kent, Leah Gibson are To Acting In This Entertainment. It Was Released February 12, 2013 In USA. Language In English And Running Time 1Hour 34Minutes. Thanks for Read To Story This Kill for Me. You Can Also Watch To This Full Movies Online.

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