Confession: I failed to become a vegan. Best thing for my health ever.

No wonder a huge segment of America simply ignores them.

The health nuts.

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They are simply failing you and themselves because they fail on the secret keyword: transition. You don’t, can’t, shouldn’t drop sweetened iced tea cold turkey. Not overnight will you win become the crossfit queen.

There’s something better than a new habit, and that’s a new direction.

Start slow because the key is to enjoy your changes.

Embark on change but don’t rush into the Army Ranger’s regimen. Your journey to a healthy lifestyle is a just that: a journey. Make small digestible changes.

I once endeavored to become vegan. I only got halfway there. In so doing, I learned that halfway is better than no way. I came short of my full goals, but I learned that the progress I had made was good.

Since then, I’ve never gotten off the path to health. And progressively through the years, I’ve continued to get healthier, both in terms of eating and workout.

Here are some tricks to transition to health:

  1. Drown it with salad dressing. They are calorie- and fat-laden. But who cares? You are starting to each lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and other ground-born roughage that can be hard for those used to Twinkies.
  2. Spread the butter. While it’s loaded with fat and usually contains a jolt of salt, it eases down the transition to brown and whole grain breads.
  3. Heap on the cheese. Lurking in this delicacy is a buttload of fat (the fat from a whole gallon of milk is used for just one pound of cheese). But it packs and protein punch and help you get over the hot pocket.
  4. Cut down, don’t cut out, sugar. Most prepared foods have the maximum amount of sugar — called bliss point — to create craving and addict you. But if you take a moment to analyze, you’ll realize your food is too sweet. When choosing an ice cream parlor, opt for one that is not as sweet. When adding sugar, put a little a packet less.
  5. Go from soda to sweetened tea to tea you sweeten yourself..
  6. Find the funnest thing at the gym. That may be the bike or dance class. Watch the TV or listen to music as you move. Don’t worry if you’re slower or weaker than everybody else. If nothing at the gym appeals to you, trying walking around the park
  7. Cheat on weekends. Especially at first, the new regimen can feel like misery. You need a break. Make sure your break is planned, not a return to gluttony with a vengeance.

So transitioning to healthy is the key. But how long should your transition last? A year, two years, three. A decade. Whatever.

I’m still transitioning.

Babies get hooked on sugar instantly. Getting unhooked is anything but instant.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with first step. Start with baby steps.

Michael Ashcraft is the CEO of Cuisine Natural healthy home and kitchen products.

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Organic/health food enthusiast/ bamboo kitchenware fanatic.

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