Upon hearing it for the first time, many people think Minimum Viable Product (MVP) means “the minimum product I’m comfortable launching” or “the minimum product that has all the features I want.” …

Before you start looking for a programmer — I must warn you — don’t look to me. I quit programming. This wasn’t a recent change in career; I’ve just never really considered myself a programmer. You might think this is odd coming from someone who “specializes in web and mobile applications that you can’t get off-the-shelf”, but I think it’s quite alright.

There’s at least two types of developers — those who are fine doing whatever they’re asked without question and those who want to understand what they’re being asked to do so they can do it better.

“Programmer” is often considered a derogatory term in the computer world. Programming is considered science without art. Science is thought to be methodic, cold, logical. It of course is all that, but so much more. The art of science is in how you apply it. You can go to school, read books, take courses and learn science. However, what can’t be taught is how to see the big picture — to take your foundation of scientific knowledge and expand beyond it to make a breakthrough. That kind of insight is art. …

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