How a LinkedIn notification changed my day

Today was a most unusual day

My wife noticed a pop-up notification on her mobile device from LinkedIn to my father, you see, she was connected to my fathers profile (his second profile that I had no idea was still active) and gets periodic notifications about activities from those she is connected too. Apparently one of my fathers former co-workers had put a kind “shout out” onto my father’s profile; this is not unusual as LinkedIn has continued to make great efforts to be more “social” on it’s platform. It turns out my father was his mentor and trainer many years ago as he was finishing his masters degree and starting his new position at the same company as my father. This gentleman just took a moment out of his day, reach out, and say hello with my father.

The problem is, my father passed away in June of 2014.
The other problem was, I had no idea my dad had two profiles on LinkedIn. I had closed down the only profile that I knew of after his passing.

So I took it upon myself to reach out to him, drop him a note with information about my father’s passing, and left my personal phone number incase he had any questions.

Low and behold, I got a telephone call shortly after the noon hour from this gentleman based in Georgia.

He expressed deep sorrow in hearing the new information of my father’s passing. We spent about 35 minutes on the telephone talking about his time in Colorado, my father, and the guidance, mentorship, and training my father had passed to him. He was (in his words) “green, fresh out of his master’s degree, and had no idea what was expected of him in his role at this new workplace”.

Turns out, my father was instructed to “teach him everything he needs to know about Field Service Technology” for the diesel engine manufacturing company they both worked for. I must admit, It was somewhat eerie hearing this man speak so highly of my father’s influence upon him. He spoke at length about my father’s guidance, patience, and the education brain dump that my father passed onto him during those years together. I guess my dad had made great impressions upon several people lives during his 42+ years of work in that industry.

And so it comes to pass that I spend another day wishing I could speak with my father. I have had allot of first’s over the last year since my father’s passing. Our first set of holidays without him, my first time visiting him graveside, and seeing his amazingly beautiful headstone sense we all gathered to bury him, and in a few short weeks my first full year without him.

It was also the first time I could speak of my father and not break down into tears.

But, for all my first’s over the last year, it wasn’t the first time I heard the words; Mentor, Leader, Trainer, Kind, and Legacy spoken from someone else about my father.

My father, even as he is not of this earth, continues to inspire and humble me. He was a man who helped people. He was a man who was an educator in multiple facets of life and business. He was a good man, and I miss him every day.

Most of all — He Was My DAD!


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