Michael Bastin
Dec 22, 2016 · 6 min read

Employees of Multinational Translation Company, TransPerfect, Face a “Not-so-Perfect” Future

How Did Things Get to This Point?

TransPerfect has been a fully profitable company, currently valued at close to 1 billion USD. In fact, they have been experiencing continued growth in recent years. With an annual revenue of nearly 500 million USD, it would seem unthinkable that it could come crashing down with such catastrophic consequences.

Possible Outcomes in a Less Than Perfect Translation Industry

Will Greed Prevail?

As with any divorce, those who pay the greatest price will always be the children. In this case, the children are represented by the employees of a company driven by greed and pride.

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Michael Bastin

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Co-founder of http://BeTranslated.com. Translator, SEO & Project Manager. I love languages, travel, kiteboarding. #translation #xl8 #seo #travel #languages

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