Not my usual stuff

Alright I don’t really write about my day to day life, cause my day to day life isn’t interesting and I didn’t make this to be my journal/diary. Eh… I started to care less about it and it was just on my mind. Last weekend was great, my girlfriend came back from college for Labor Day weekend and we hung out every day until she had to leave. I never truly realized how much I missed her until I saw her. Eh, now she’s back at school and now I’m just feel kinda empty. I don’t feel good or bad , just nothing. I really do love her but part of me thinks I’m really bad for her, she tells me I’m not but I still have some thoughts like that everyday. Eh… well I was just trying this journal entry blog just to see how I like it and I’m seeing now this won’t be a regular thing. I’ll probably write like this every 3 weeks or so…or when I feel like it, I still just want to pump out other cool stuff on here first to gain some footing.

I don’t care

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