It’s election campaign season in the United States and the talk about immigration as a campaign issue seem to only be on the political right.
The Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton has thus far remained quite on the issue and correctly so in my estimation.

Apostates in support of Trump…
Rev. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, one of the leaders of the group of sell-out coons who would march blacks back into slavery for a chance to rub shoulders with “massa”

On Wednesday the Republican nominee for president Donald Trump headed to Mexico to gain credibility with white suburban voters who are not supporting his candidacy.
This is part of a desperate strategy of flailing away at certain groups in ways which are condescending and disrespectful even as he claim to want their vote.
( You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”)
Just the type of condescending shit one needs when considering who to vote for. Well let me not be hasty, many blacks have actually swallowed these overtures at the same time they swallowed their dignity, pride and self-worth.
It’s important to note that the fish whom have most discernibly swallowed Trump vile words, dripping with perdition,are the impostors who fleece the gullible and the vulnerable in the Black churches on Sunday mornings.
Isn’t it remarkable how game recognizes game?
One con-man recognizing the con-game of the black apostates who prostitute and pimp the word of God on the altar of financial gain and worldly prosperity.

James Davis pastor in Ohio,
Another of the coons who would sell the black community back into slavery, all for a chance to sit at a table with Donald Trump.

Lets get something straight which the main stream media will not tell you, Donald Trump has not gone to Mexico because he cares about Mexicans.

(“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”)..

Trump sees people of color the same way his white uneducated, so-called middle class blue collar people does.
His response to police violence against people of color is the same as theirs .

South Carolina pastor Rev. Mark Burns.
The top coon Trump tapped to pull the wool over the unsuspecting eyes of gullible black congregants..

Much of his support comes from the nether reaches of the most Nativist realm.
His record dealing with black and brown people is unequivocal in it’s disdain .
He cannot hide from it , that is why it’s important to understand that his supporters and black and brown people could never exist in the same space.

The primary argument of the black-bird-brained sellouts is that Donald Trump told them at his Trump tower meeting that he intends to empower the black community by rebuilding inner cities.
Okay, so there is so much we can talk about when someone makes such a vague statement .
In the first instance the vast majority of successful black people do not live in inner city ghettos . The massive housing projects which house so many poor inner city residents are reservations of a different name.

Blacks hardly own these public houses, in many cases the term urban renewal coming from white people, particularly someone with a background in real estate and con like Donald Trump means gentrification.
In which case they will be worse off than when the urban renewal started.
Ask the black people who lived in downtown Brooklyn and parts of Harlem how those renewals worked out for them.
Don’t get me wrong it is great when cities are revived, but in the context of poor blacks it is cold comfort when they cannot afford a place to live.

Trumps economic policy, if one does exist, is no different than that of Reagan, Bush, and Bush. It is simply tax cuts for the richest people and a wish that some of their crumbs will fall from their tables to feed the rest of us.
Secondly the concept that Trump will be able to bring jobs back into the country is the biggest lie of all.
Trump himself makes his tacky ties and shirts in Asia and literally everything else in which he has a fiduciary interest.

If these black-skinned sellouts want to be taken seriously they must encourage Trump not to talk the talk but walk the walk. Lets see Donald Trump return those manufacturing jobs to the country first.
It is important to note that even as these sellouts do their darnedest to sell their gullible congregations back into slavery , one of Donald Trump’s most strident supporter New Jersey’s republican governor Chris Christie just vetoed a bill which would have seen the minimum wage in that state increased from $8 to $15 by 2021.
That increase would have been over a five year period…. and he vetoed it !!!!

Those people who continue to believe that Trump or anyone else for that matter will return jobs which have gone overseas are more stupid that we thought, they probably deserve a president Trump.
Producing goods at American minimum wage would see prices go up exponentially for those products. It would men smaller profits for companies which manufacture their goods overseas and that is not about to happen.
American consumers could not afford to purchase these goods which would mean massive contraction of the American economy and massive job loss in the end.
And thats just the beginning of the downside of such a move in the global space in which we now operate.

Every American President since Ronald Reagan except Barack Obasma has tried to further enrich the richest among us, it would be a major departure for a self-styled billionaire to betray his financial class by getting them to cut their profits and return production to America on the one hand while his own policy wants to give them more tax-cuts and breaks to keep more of their money.
Donald J Trump is no Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

As the website sees it .
In its simplest form, the prosperity gospel is an American Christian movement that teaches followers they can become rich though the art of positive thinking — and, more importantly, cutting large checks to their church and pastor. The controversial theology has long been criticized by progressive and conservative Christian leaders alike, especially the spending habits it encourages among ministers who uphold it, such as when Creflo Dollar (his actual name) of College Park, Georgia, asked his constituents to help him buy a private jet.

The Bible did say each and every christian will have to work out their own salvation. Left to these money grubbing apostates we will be back into slavery in no time.

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