Am I the only person who believe Hillary Clinton is running a really horrible campaign? We can all agree Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate but did they not learn anything from 2008?

Maybe I am alone on this , but it seem that there is really no coordinated message coming out of Clinton’s Brooklyn Campaign headquarters.

Donald Trump’s entire life is a smorgasbord of dis-qualifiers. For some reason which is lost at least on me, the Clinton campaign seem to believe that their candidate has the election in the bag.
What’s shocking about this whole debacle is that Donald Trump is literally the worst and most dangerous candidate to ever be nominated for the American Presidency, at least in modern times .

Republican nominee Donald Trump,

He has steadfastly refused to play by established rules as it relates to releasing his tax returns . There is no law forcing him to, but for over forty years presidential candidates of both parties have released their tax returns to the public.
Trump’s own vice presidential running mate has released his returns , yet there is no public or media pressure for Donald Trump to show respect to the American voters he so desperately want to lead. Obviously the rules do not apply to the Republican nominee on anything.
Donald Trump has responded claiming that he is under audit and thus restrained.
The IRS has rubbished Trump’s claim arguing he is absolutely not precluded or prevented from releasing his tax returns during an audit. Despite this, Donald Trump has refused sticking to the lie and the media allows him to get away with it.

On his health Donald Trump had his Doctor cobble together a letter claiming he is the healthiest person ever to run for the presidency . Literally every medical professional asked to respond to the letter has heaped scorn on it, and that does not even include the miss-spellings and the language used in the letter.

Hillary Clinton clearly adopted a strategy she would run out the clock. During the month of August basking in the glow of her extended campaign numbers , Clinton was largely absent from the campaign trail.
Her surrogates argue she was engaged in fund raising events .

Is this pandering? Of course but to these people what they want to see is someone who seem to care..

Look , there is a legitimate argument to be made for her using the time , there months away from the elections , good poll numbers, to fund-raise.
There is also an argument to be made that she wanted to scoop up all the cash she could for the final stretch of the campaign.
However,when The other candidate is visiting flood ravaged areas, visiting a foreign head of state and is just plain all over the media, there is just so much money is going to do to stop that surging opponent.

Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate, her campaign is proving to be equally as lethargic. As I said in a previous blog her campaign lacks nimbleness. Either it is not using the huge trove of negatives out there against Donald Trump or using them has had no effect on his candidacy.
It is unimaginable that the Clinton campaign would allow the Trump campaign to flip the narrative from a referendum on Trump to one on her despite her outspending Trump as much as ten to one by some estimates.

Trump in Mexico appearing presidential..

The Trump campaign takes Clinton’s attack lines flip them and are using them against Clinton with marked effectiveness.
♦Clinton argues Trump is unfit . Trump says Hillary has no stamina. ♦Clinton argues Trump is disqualified from serving as commander-in-chief because of the disparaging comments he made about several groups of people. Donald Trump flipped the same comments saying Hillary is disqualified because of her “basket of deplorables” comments.

The fact is that it is impossible to turn on a television set for two minutes without hearing the name Donald Trump,the media is totally fixated on the guy. It’s kinda like the way radios stations play bad songs over and over on short rotations to the point you hear them even when you sleep. You get to the point you begin to start thinking you like the song because that’s all you hear.

The average voter may not like Trump or may even be unsure about him but they can’t help hearing his name and according to the polls they are beginning to feel maybe, just maybe this guy is not as bad as they say.
We keep waiting for the moment when the Clinton Campaign unleashes something which will suck the air out of the Trump lying racist and divisive campaign once and for all.
Instead Donald Trump is out on the campaign trail using words he does not know the meaning of to describe Hillary Clinton’s comments about half of Trumps supporters are in what she call “part of a basket of deplorables

The fact of the matter is that whether it’s half or the whole of his supporters are ♦Racist♦Xenophobic♦Sexist♦Misogynist♦Islamaphobic♦ Nativist , it’s pretty damn deplorable.
A candidate who according to one poll is viewed by 60% of the nation asracist , a candidate who mocks a handicapped reporter , thats pretty deplorable. A candidate and his running mate who refuse to denounce David Duke and other racists are pretty deplorable. A candidate who castigates and labels an entire race of people as rapists and murderers is pretty deplorable.

A candidate who says that a Federal judge with an exemplary record, is incapable of coming to a fair decision in a case he is hearing because of his race, that’s pretty darn deplorable.
A candidate who mocks a family who lost their son in military service of the United States , that’s deplorable.
A man who mock John McCain a decorated war hero who was captured and tortured, that’s deplorable.
A man who spent over $85.000 in 1989 to demagogue 5 innocent black and brown teenagers in the New York Press. Demanding the death penalty for them, poisoning the jury pool resulting in an incorrect finding of guilt and a subsequent 13 year imprisonment before they were exonerated.
That’s pretty damn deplorable.


There should be no hesitation about saying those people are deplorable. Yet Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, the sitting Indiana Governor, was asked whether David Duke is deplorable, Pence replied “I’m not in the name-calling business.”
That exactly goes to the arguments Hillary Clinton has been making.
Trump/Pence wants everyone to believe these are ordinary American working people , you know farmers, cops, butchers, barbers, cops . Well if true what does it say about them?

The fact is neither Trump nor Pence wants to denounce the most radical racist zealots who find their voice as a result of their candidacy. They have been the life-blood of Trump’s candidacy from day one.
That’s the reason guys like Jeb Bush , and John Kasich are watching these elections from the sidelines.

David Plouffe

Despite wads of campaign cash the Clinton campaign seem to be like the cartoon character

David Axelrod

legs spinning but not moving .
Those who see her candidacy as the only remaining buffer between a Trump Presidency are nervous and fretful at what appears to be a campaign which is unsure of what to do….
The grunts you hear are coming from Republicans climbing back on board Donald Trump’s campaign ship . Good poll numbers, and an insurgent campaign finally showing some discipline and Republicans are falling over themselves to ingratiate themselves with Donald Trump. It may be late but not too late for Clinton to call up David Plouffe and David Axlerod two of the architects of Obama’s two wipe-outs of Republicans in 208 and 2012.

Of course in vintage Clinton style they will stick with the lack-luster campaign , even as Trump is on his third set of campaign staff.
Hillary Clinton seem destined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory unleashing on the world a xenophobic, racist , misogynistic, con-man and that’s just the beginning.
It’s never too late to make a change.

In the end Hillary Clinton may be able to eke out a victory in November . If that happens it will be a function of how deplorable a candidate Donald Trump is .
Given a stronger Democratic candidate with less baggage Democrats would have been guaranteed the White house, and maybe , just maybe the House of Representatives would have been up for grabs, not to mention Governorships and other offices down ballot.
At this stage eking out a win will be a huge victory for Democrats and President Obama’s legacy.

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