(Excerpt from Ch3. Business Agility from the book “Enterprise Scrum: Business Agility for the 21st Century”, 2018, Mike Beedle)

Just about everyone you talk to, has a different understanding of what Business Agility is. This comes to no surprise, since the term has been used increasingly to the boiling point of sizzling buzzword in just a couple of years. To make things more complicated, agile and agility itself have been defined and re-defined now for different domains and industries — proof of that is all the emerging Agile Manifestos everywhere. So what is Business Agility?

We were blessed to create a working group of Enterprise Scrum practitioners in 2016, formed by executives, managers, consultants, coaches and trainers, that through months of painful debates and opinions, came to an agreement as to what Business Agility meant. This is our definition. It is a definition, not the only definition of Business…


Mike Beedle

Business Agility ...finding PURPOSE …grow disruptive unicorns …transform slow dinosaurs

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