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Mike Bidgoli
Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read

After nearly two incredible years at Pinterest, I have made a difficult but exciting decision to join Facebook. At Facebook, I will be leading the Facebook Watch product team. Facebook Watch is a challenging and ambitious attempt to solve a problem that personally and professionally captivates me.

Watch is a new platform for shows on Facebook. Shows are made up of episodes and follow themes or storylines. Shows can be live such as sporting events and news or they can be pre-recorded. Facebook Watch has a vision to not just entertain, but to also connect people, spark conversations, and foster community — a vision that is ever so important in an era of divisiveness.

The broader media space is going through an unprecedented transformation as creators have more opportunities to produce incredible content and to deliver this content to viewers through new means enabled by mobile broadband and new platforms. Facebook will play a huge part in unlocking this creative energy and connecting creators with their fan communities.

I am energized to be joining Facebook to help build the above vision. I believe Facebook’s mission of “bringing the world closer together” is one of the most important things to work on in the era that we live.

I also feel fortunate for being a part of Pinterest’s journey these past two years. Pinterest is a remarkable company and platform. Ben and Evan are the most thoughtful and principled founders I have gotten to know. They have created Pinterest with a mission to help people discover and do what they love in life. They have hired some of the most talented and diverse colleagues and friends I have worked with. Finally, they have created the most unique company culture I have been a part of.

It has been fascinating to see firsthand how Pinterest’s culture has been a cornerstone of the company’s iconic success. Hundreds of millions around the world use Pinterest to find anything from ideas for recipes to cook, ways to decorate their home, clothes to wear, places to travel, and to get inspired by the creativity of others. This is no accident. A relentless focus on Pinners, as well as a devotion to reach for and expand on new ideas are all pillars of Pinterest’s culture. It is in this pursuit that the company shuts down every year for two full days to celebrate an event called Knitcon, where employees and outside speakers sign up to teach others in the company unique skills. Topics are as varied as Pinterest itself: building a fire, Tahitian hula dancing, real estate investing, writing for a comedy show, being part of presidential campaign, etc. At the end of the two days, everyone walks away with not only a cool new take on their colleagues but also with a perspective further shaped and inspiration to be creative.

One of Pinterest’s aspirational goals is to enable every employee to do their careers’ best work. Reflecting back, I believe Pinterest did just that and indeed brought out my best career work. I am proud of the work my team has done these past two years and I feel a great sense of accomplishment for my team’s journey but also the overall company’s trajectory.

Thank you Ben, Evan, and my Pinterest colleagues and friends for a truly remarkable chapter in my life and career! Incredibly excited to start my new chapter at Facebook.



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