To: Nate, Theo 
From: Mike
Date: June 1999 
Subject: The Bible According to Swingers (aka — How Our Sophomore Year of High School Will Be The Best Year Ever)

Hey guys! What’s up? How are things back in Indiana?

It’s been a crazy summer here in Boston. This month-long TV, Radio and Film program at Boston University is so much fun. We took this seminar in screenwriting and the professor just showed us a couple scenes from this movie called “Swingers.” Have you heard of this movie? It was SO funny. I hopped on the T right after class and went up to the video store to rent it. I watched it as soon as I got back to the dorm.

The guys in the movie hang out in cocktail lounges, go to casinos, listen to the Rat Pack, swing dance, and flirt with women. It’s just like us when we walk over to the pizza place and movie theater next to the school before our parents pick us up!

You have to see it! But until you do — I took notes that we should totally keep in mind as we go into our sophomore year of high school:

1) The main guys in the movie keep telling each other that they’re “Money.” We should do this.

2) If you want to call a girl — don’t call her right away. It makes you seem too eager. Wait a couple of days or don’t call her at all. The longer you wait to call her the more “Money” you’ll be.

3) There is this scene in the bar where one of the characters is telling the other not to be the guy in the PG-13 movie that everyone is “really hoping makes it happen.” Instead, he should be like the guy in the Rated R movie. The bad man. So we should be bad men. That would be money. Also, we should try to sneak into more Rated R movies.

4) We should probably go to Vegas. Nate — can your brother drive?

5) I’ll have to watch it again — but it seemed like they were calling each other “baby” a lot. But then they were also calling the women “babies.” I don’t know. Watch it and let me know what you guys think.

6) We should try not to be on-time anywhere. If a party starts at 6pm we should go somewhere else at 8pm and then go to the party after that. Theo — what time is your curfew next year? Nate, can your brother drive? Cause if he can that would be the money.

7) We need to learn how to swing dance. Women will love this and we can do it at Homecoming.

8) There is this scene where one of the characters is trying to leave a voicemail for this woman he just met. I won’t ruin it for you — but it’s maybe my favorite scene from any movie I’ve ever watched. I think maybe I’ll be a screenwriter to make stuff like that.

Alright, well I need to go. Some people here want to watch this movie called “Fight Club” down on the big screen in the common area. I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be money. Catch you later on AIM.