The Jobs to be Done Controversy Heats Up
Madison Bloom

Can’t put the rabbit back in the hat dude. ODI influenced #jobtheory, and became #jobtheory, plain and simple. Watch the video. Read the books.

If Clay changed his mind, he needs to call it something else, like Emotions-to-be-Achieved; based on the stuff you write.

You’re a nasty person who has made libelous claims about others, and then blocked them when they call you out.

Oh, and I know Tony Ulwick. He introduced the foundation of job theory to Clay through his operationalized and proven approach to innovation. Pedi introduced a term to describe it other than “process.” Please re-read the citation in Innovator’s Solution.

The world needs more than cute drawings and emotional focus to create products and services that solve real-world problems; especially in complex enterprise scenarios.

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