Venture capital is going to murder Medium

No one really cares about Ev Williams mission. We care about the jobs we need to get done; and they are always functional at the core. Emotions and feelings are great for messaging but I don’t see any effort to understand the various jobs and contexts that “might” require the assistance of Medium

As you said, it’s just a better typewriter. Who is your customer, and what jobs are they trying to get done? Can you help them get the jobs done better. If so, a) Medium likely won’t look like it does today and b) someone will willingly pay for access to the platform (and it may not be writers)

Finally, writing a Job Story won’t help you (same result). Fixing this is going to take a more industrialized approach to understanding markets and customers. You may not like the answers you get; but your investors will. Then again, maybe you will. You won’t know until you understand the outcomes your customers are seeking and move away from your ideas-first thinking.

I’d like this platform to survive; and will understand if fundamental changes are in order…especially if I value them.

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