Use a Boring Bar to Get Diametrically Accurate Holes

Do you need a drilling machine for your woodworking projects? High quality of drilling in most of the objects can be performed easily by using boring bars. A boring bar machine is composed of three parts namely the main body, bar holder and dial screw of which the main body forms the crux of the machine and performs different functions as the name suggests. Boring bars can be used to drill the toughest of the metals and can make holes in them in a quick time. Also, the holes made by the boring bars have big and accurate diameters, show good surface finishes & tolerances and are recommended for drilling the metals that have high surface roughness.

Based on their head designs, the boring bar machines can be mounted vertically or horizontally during a woodworking or metalworking project. Woodworking jobs require circular plunge cuts in the objects while, in metalworking, all the drilled holes need not be in a circular shape. For these reasons, static size boring bars are used in woodworking to make circular holes and during metalworking, the bars hit on the X or Y axes of the metal to create asymmetrical holes or channels. However, if circular drilling is needed in metalworking, the boring bar can be moved only in an up-and-down motion on the Z axis to create them. In addition to woodworking and metalworking, boring bars can also be used to do repairs in tilt bed trailers and heavy duty fork trucks. They are manufactured in steel or carbide shanks supported with an anti-vibration mechanism so that the workers don’t feel any complications while handling them.

Another tool that finds its place in many workshops is bandsaw. It is used to cut different objects that include hard & abrasive materials, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, wood and many others. The cutting process is undertaken by a blade present in the bandsaw machine. These blades are available in different lengths and styles such as regular tooth, hook tooth and skip tooth. The number of teeth in the blade determine the effectiveness of the cutting performed on the materials. As obvious, bandsaws having good blades perform cleaner cutting and are presumed to be safe for the workers.

So, if you are looking for different industrial tools like boring bars or bandsaw blades, you can get them online. Many dealers are providing various tools and accessories through their websites that you can easily find on the web.