Should you attend Affiliate Summit?
Michael Lugassy


This is my favorite conference. I’ve worked in Performance and ADTECH for 17 years, and I’ve been attending Affiliate Summit since 2009 so I may be biased. From the sound of your post you may have only attended the first day, and I think most of your points are very inaccurate.

They pride themselves on delivering educational sessions at different experience levels (beginner, intermediate…) You may have attended a session below your expertise. I’ve learned from some of the best SEO people, mobile campaign optimizers, Affiliate Managers, and others there. I’m a long time speaker as well, and my ego doesn’t need petting. I’m actually looking to help people.

The presenters are not allowed to sell while presenting so if you have questions regarding their business they have to follow up later. I have no problem with that since I don’t want a sales pitch.

I’m not a fan of the paper form either, but I don’t consider being reminded to fill out the form before and after the session as being pushed.

You do need to speak to the sponsors or visit their table to get on the list or get a pass since most of them are private parties and not official summit parties. The conversation consists of you giving them your name and they saying great see you there.

Are you actually complaining about getting free drinks? Or is this more of a political statement insinuated those on welfare just use it to buy booze.

There are different levels of tickets that get you different levels of access, pretty much like every conference. Not sure of the complaint on this one.

It sounds like you’re describing the food in the break room which is not the breakfast or lunch menus. Those menus were posted weeks before the show and you missed out on some awesome spare ribs. Year after year they continually deliver the best breakfast and lunch at any conference I’ve been to.

If you went the first day only then you were at the meet market and not the expo. There are plenty of the same companies since they are the ones doing good business. But your complaint is a little like going to a FINTECH conference and wondering why all these financial companies are there.

I agree on the app. Not a fan.

They’ve had the change the badge almost every year to stop forgers and people sneaking into the show.

I disagree on the wifi though, I couldn’t log in.

Affiliate Summit was just bought by Claron Events to expand internationally. So they see an expanding Affiliate market. What are your thoughts on that?