Except no one is saying make everyone equal. He even specifically points that out in this article.
Mattan Ingram

Mattan Ingram, maybe a mathematical example would explain why focusing on inequality might not yield the desired results for your goals. Let’s say your goal is to provide basic services to as many people as you possibly can. Situation #1: One person who earns $1M and is taxed at 20% so that 200 people get $1000 of services. Situation #2: a couple of people who make $100,000 and are taxed at 50%, so that we can only provide 100 people with $1000 of services. Situation #1 is higher income inequality, but more people covered with services (police, food, defensive budget etc). No one is arguing for no taxes, the point is that focusing on income inequality doesn’t yield more services.

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