Piece of mind comes in many shapes and sizes

It can be as simple as slowing your thoughts to sit on a park bench, watching the other beings move about their days in lighting speeds

It’s here within your physical realm, that you’ll start to open your mind and heart to the world around you

You’ll not be undated with distractions and notifications to lure you into the vacuum of information pouring out of our devices taking a five minute venture, to a five day binge

There is a true art to learning how and when the appropriate time to fully disconnect from everything will be amicable

It’s a must for so many of us, yet none of us truly take the time to sit with….

To just be

How fast we switch gears, channeling our worries and concerns to mountains of work that never seems to get done as efficiently as it should

We continue to pile more and more building off a platform with holes, rust & a foundation that’s been broken since before time


We wonder why we are not advancing!

How we look at ourselves, is one of the most important aspects of understanding ourselves

When you feel too entitled to ask for help, ask anyways

When you feel like you can wear all the hats and only micromanage every nuance of every situation, let it go

Nothing will ever be the quintessential hallmark card that is “perfectionism”

No matter the distance travelled, the success gained, you will always have an abundance of weight that’s carried among your shoulders

Some weeks it may be heavier

Other weeks may seem like a breeze

Knowing your threshold of reassurance

Your inner awareness to proclaim anything other than the cold hard truth to thy self

Will dictate a contorted spiral that always leads back to a complete understanding that sometimes…

It’s completely ok to not have all the answers

Sometimes, all you truly need for a fulfilled and balanced life is a soft waltz down white sand

Moving to the oceans rhythm, hearing your minds stillness

All while you remember what it was like to just live

One breath at a time