All We Had We Gave

We wait

Always waiting for the shoe to drop

Never knowing what version of a being will conquer our souls

Just to leave us with a realm of confusion


Taste for satisfaction

They swindle our emotions

Giving just enough to assure their heart

While neglecting any ounce of responsibility

We continue on through the masked charade

Hoping & wishing

Wishing & hoping

Maybe they’ll look in the mirror

To see a dissolved version of them-self

A version so few ever see

Though here it is

Displayed on a massive stage

For an audience of one

Lights, Camera, Action

A sensible portrayal of a modernized tale

Never exploring this versions view

From a different set of eyes

A life of singularity

With no support

Only forced love



An empty tank will only get us so far

Along the desolate highway

We will breakdown

We will scream in silence as the crows circle above

Hungry for turmoil within our hearts capacity

In the end

None of this matters

All we had we gave

All that’s left is a history of failures

Dictating our next chapter

Where no light has yet to be seen



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