Broken Perception

(Broken Perception)

What redefines our approach

Becomes a formality through an introspective notion

That who we are

Is not what we will become


What we are

Will always redirect its self

Until we give up the masks

To face what’s just on the other side of intuition

Our past seems to find its patterns through out each of our lives

For good or bad

We will forgo the cautionary tales that direct the sanest of minds

To less than amicable scenarios

While pushing aside any ounce of freedom for diluted versions of broken memories

Under mass control

We drive ourselves with foreign arms

To foreign places

Ashamed by ridicule

Our secrets sewn behind our lips

Never allowing our truths to be told

Only heard amongst unapproachable ears


Judgmental eyes

If there were no tomorrow.

Would all we’ve done today

Gift us a new found perception

That what’s to come is not that of this earth


What could be left is as a history of unequivocal answers through bastardized dictatorship



Pic By. Andrew Jones