Canvas Of A Broken Memory

There’s a piece of a mind drifting further away from our realities set to sail this afternoon

But within a circulated state, we listen to our heart displaying a rhythm known only to some, yet silent to others

We continue to stumble and repeat rise and fall to life’s circumstance that is ever changing

Even flowing

Through our daily rituals we continually let the wrong ones in while shunning the right ones out

And through all the knowledge we accumulate we continue to let our minds drift to set sail in the wrong direction

Finding peace in the wrong hands giving our hearts to unworthy souls

At the dock, you stand far enough away to absorb the energies stepping foot on the illustrious boat to sail off into the blue mystery awaiting whatever life feels the need to pour down on them

But there’s a moment of hesitation

A moment where you feel yourself drifting as if no longer on this earth

Spinning in slow like fashions chasing memories as if currently being played but discovering various meanings with each given illustration

Our canvas that once was blank becomes filled with beauty and color

Painting elaborate portraits of a memory turned hardship

But with this freeing sensation you’re opening yourself to the possibility that this trip will bring you to your hearts place

Where at one time, it beat without thought and found solace in existing

When you step aboard you realize this is where you’ve wanted to be, but just didn’t know how to achieve the courage to take the first step

As the ship sails you look back at the dock, waving goodbye to the person you used to be



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