Divide & Conquer

There’s a constant divide of past and present emotions that sets the tone for how we approach our given lives

If one out weighs the other we create imbalance

We find that in order to definitively make a decision, we wallow in and out of a state known as


Living here becomes chaotic

It forces us into realms of our minds that linger

Never seeing matters for what they are

Thus hindering every ounce of growth known to man

Our thoughts lead us to so many beautifully corrupt places

They can tear open old wounds just as quickly as sending us to euphoric moments we’d so love to relive each & everyday

Our vacation mindsets can more often than not, lead us to troubled waters

We can fight and claw for two weeks out of twelve months for that “feeling”

Where no concerns are to be had

Only freedom that we work so hard to gain though never seem to find the means to maintain that “feeling”

When we are no longer on “vacation”

No matter what your back drop is

Every sun, beach and body of water can only cure so much

Until you yourself realize the bag of issues you brought here, to this beautiful place

Would be the same issues at your home

They will never leave if you don’t truly and definitively sit within yourself to open your heart to the possibilities

To rediscover so much of you that got left behind

Everyone has the chance to realign their minds and live within a “vacation” mindset

Truth be told

None of us think it’s attainable

None of us can see past the struggles of our daily rituals

We will always live in the “must be nice” scenarios

Only thinking we are standardized to our own doings, rather than shooting for the Stars & obtaining our dreams

Life’s quest is ever changing

It’ll never be as good when it’s up

It’ll never be as bad when it’s down

On this quest

Remember who you were when you vowed happiness would always be the detouring factor for how you chose to live

Those capabilities are still so very much real

The question is

Will you stop yourself from standing between you and what you were always meant to be?



Pic By. Rinat Voligamsi, On The Road, 2010