Givers Remorse

How can we showcase an infatuated state of affairs, to a person that does not hold the keys to our heart?

We find our source of energy, often times depleted from running in circles dodging each and every thought

Where do our emotions reside, when we choose never to feel?

Often times, we bury and build so much on top of our thoughts

We find solace in others for a short lived affair, to reclaim the components of a misinterpreted structure for an unsupported romance

It is here however, where we must find the means to develop a true definitive perception of what it is that we are putting out to the world

Our gift of giving will often become the downfall of our well being, but it won’t stop us from giving

Changing who we are, from a intra spectral resolution defies all gravity, paralyzingly cryptic on the wings of a frozen butterfly

For each pass on the broken record, you’ll start to formulate one pattern after four after six and more

Never getting the full interpretation that’s been displayed before you for years

Our issues are not what we don’t know but that we already know but choose not to see

Our answers lie within each of us to life’s often puzzlingly affairs

For every instinctual thrust from our sacral’s knot

Know that in order to reshape our personal catastrophe

The challenge will be what changes us

Our reward will be the sole person that holds the keys to our beautiful heart

Finding a torch to display the shadow in the shape of your body, with a set of keys in the wrong direction



Pic. By KingdomCitizens

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