Into Cement

We tell ourselves a continuous lie to never face what our inherent realities have become

Instead of facing our problems, we run further and further in the opposite direction, finding the nearest terminal to bring us further down our spiral of confusion



Two components of life that often are the simplest yet most neglected

Center our minds so we come to terms with what it is we are continually running from

Passing the torch of civility in a thickened storm

Reflect for a moment where you were this time last year and ask yourself

“What’s different”

Are you constantly painting the same image on a different medium?

Or are you creating a canvas with channels and portals of a tied past that’s intertwined with new and improved thoughts?

Without our past, we can’t become whole

Unless you choose to constantly position yourself in the opposite direction

Your self confrontation will always be left to a muted diary, slowly turning the pages of a cement filled life



Pic by. The Atlantic.Com

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