Rivers Without Currents

As we circle our thoughts, to rearrange our rooms as though our furnished beginnings have come to an end

We realize how non complacent we’ve become, though so much of our history reveals a closet of secrets waiting to pour upon a river of deceit

Upstream, we ride the current of life’s pitfalls, displaying every segment of gratitude through our shark infested romance

When does the narrative switch to the in person attachments we grow so fond of?

When do we establish our own personalized story, to reflect on those moments of a haunted past, chasing the mirrors that never want to reflect?

Forgiving but never forgetting as we sweep our emotions under the blood stained rug

Shifting our minds from past and current affairs, to a future of demise

We wear so much of what we don’t want to carry

Even when we fight to crack a stapled smile, those that fear our talents see through what it is we don’t want the world to see

They pick us apart like crows on a carcass, left out to be scorched from the afternoon flame

Every closet we try and add a new beginning

We bring with us all of the memories that we furnished thousand of miles ago, to every closet that’ll allow us a place to park our disasters

Trying to make our wrongs so very wrong

Nothing seems to find its own ground

We live off of hopes and confined memories that’ll never become the canvas we so very want to paint

It’ll stay as blank as we feel until we take that box from the closet hidden behind a chalice of positivity, surrounded by years of guilt & despair

With each given moment

We sacrifice ourselves from seeing our potential

Only allowing what we want to shine though dodging every other ounce of an established perspective

Left to the mercy of a closet you could have cleaned out years ago

But decided you’d rather carry that history

Destroying everything in your path

Stop walking by those elements you no longer wish to face

It’s you versus your past

The question is…

Will you let it shape you, or will you let it control you?

Maybe you’ll grab that jacket you never wanted to wear again, just because

Leave your fears & embrace the life you are so very capable of living

It all starts by opening that door


Saying hello to the faceless portraits