Worth Of Thy Self

What becomes inherently clear as the hours turn into years, and the days turn into months

Is that

We as human beings are on borrowed time

So many focus on how much “time” we actually have to accomplish so much because of life

Life is seemingly a diversion to make us realize we don’t need the urgency to acquire what it is we are seeking

It makes us come to realize that we have all the time to keep putting off what we should be doing, to get to where we want to be going, to stay in various situations that otherwise bring out the worse in us

We wait until our emotions are in the gutter or for something life threatening to occur to “wake up” and make the valiant changes that should have been made years ago

But now, so much life has passed us by and we are left with a history of misfortunes, lost opportunities and a broken down engine with a mimicking heart beat

For all that we postpone and push to the side, take a second to ask yourself why you’re doing that

Take a second, and ask yourself

“Do I truly deserve to be treated this way?”

It’s here, in this state of mind that we can take back our lives, and make our time here on this earth so much more meaningful and valuable

We choose our own happiness

We choose what we will tolerate and accept as the norm, even when it’s anxiety ridden & unstable

For all that we inherently know

For all that we believe to be true

Why is it, that no matter the circumstance, we put our well being to the side to accept more inadequate attention and frustrations in our lives?

Without a core value and a belief system within ourselves, we will continue to drive to new destinations, but at its core it’ll all be the same

No matter the back drop, our baggage comes with us each mile we try to run from the things we refuse to face

It’ll lead to one scattered unhealthy relationship after the next

It’ll lead to that career that you truly don’t want to be in but tolerate “just because”

The only question that you need to ask yourself is this

Are you always going to put someone or something on a pedestal, when they or it would leave you high and dry the second something “better” comes along?

We can not buy back time

But we sure as hell can take back our lives