Why the Democratic Bench Is So Thin
Jeremy Repanich

There is a whole lot missing here. As a “gen Xer” who came of age during Bush 41, I am very representative of those of which you speak. The reason, REAL reason democrats are “ getting their assess handed to them” is 100% lack of turnout in off year elections. Especially among younger voters! Millennials have especially been absent. They came out this cycle for Bernie, and now AGAINST Trump rather than for Hillary or democracy. Millennials weren’t so much aware of what has gone on politically, and for the Clintons personally, over the last 25 years. What they know is what they see in social media or the hyperbole and rhetoric spouted on tv and YouTube. To them the truth is an unknown factor. They lived through it, for the most part, but were oblivious to it happening. What they know are the accusations levied against Hillary, and Bill, even though not one has any one of the accusations been found to be true! They only know the character assassinations from those who hate the Clinton machine!

All progressives are to blame! Conservatives are more likely to reliably vote in every single election. It’s not necessarily laziness, but indifference! That indifference has led to the conservative stranglehold we see! I live in reliably red Texas, and in 2012 only 39% of eligible voters came out, and far fewer in 2014, although we nearly have a majority-minority electorate. Reliably blue states are not much different!