Pluto’s Mysteriously Cool Atmosphere Might Hold The Key To Fighting Global Warming
Ethan Siegel

I suspect Forbes is more attracted to a possible break-and-fix response to human caused climate change than I am. I’m sure some band of scientists can be found to look with possibly criminal over-simplicity at manipulating the complexity of the variables affecting earth’s climate and atmosphere. When Newton pictured the univers as clock-like, he was speaking metaphorically.

It may be a lot more do-able to change our thinking on the way we produce material life on the planet, by getting off productist reflexes based upon quantitatinve exploitation. Qualitative, or “careful” productivity is within the scope of our resources of imagination. We are temporary residents on a planet that is going to be ground up in the expansion of the dying sun, in six billion years; so, there is an end date, however far it may be. Which means we can refuse to change our amitious enthusiasm from moving stuff about and blowing up things and take up higher order thinking able to live in a richer way inside of the material contend of earth. History shows that change in thinking has occurred, and almost constantly, so it’s not a pipe-dream, howerver impossible it seems by standards of ceteris paribus.

In response to your, “…if our environmentally-minded efforts to curb our emissions fail.”, one might respond, “The last laugh is on us.” Making break-and-fix serve the purposes of the profit motive is the kind of mind that is used to operating on idle, and threatens to stomp its feet and make very ugly faces if it doesn’t get its way.

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