Hope is a thing that floats

In the recesses of your mind

Asking and sometimes begging

To be let in. It is a toxin

As poisonous as a viper.

It is a salve as healing as the purest aloe.

Hope diminishes over time.

It fades as we forget to remember

That there is something better

Or exciting or healing just

Waiting around the next turn.

It’s hard to hope when it seems


To do so.

It’s important to hope when it seems


To do so.

Hope is weaker than it’s bigger brother,

Fear. But it is more manipulative.

However, hope sustains. It pushes

Us forward. It whispers in our ears,

“One day…”


“Keep going.”

(I wrote this poem last June after Deanna and I had a scare while pregnant with Miles. Just re-read it today.)

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