The 7-Second Tango

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk.

Fifteen seconds flash.

I can see you creeping up in your car. You look like you’re in a hurry.

Our eyes meet. I’m in such a hurry, they beg.

I’m halfway across the street. The walk sign is counting down:

13, 12, 11

Am I walking too slow?

You start going. You can make it, you tell yourself. No cops. You can make it.

I guess I’m going too slow.

You turn in front of me.

With effort I can touch your car.

You try to avoid eye contact with me, but can’t. My eyes meet the corner of your eye.

I look at the walk sign it says 11 seconds. I make it to the other curb and it says 4 seconds.

You saved 7 seconds from your day.

What can you do with 7 seconds?

Change a channel?

Watch Derek Fisher hit a game-winning shot 17 times?

(Just from the when he catches the ball and shoots because the inbounds play took five seconds.)

Think about your gi-

Wait for a YouTube video to load?

You must have a really important appointment.

I’m sorry, sir, you are 7 seconds too late. You don’t get to keep your children.

Or maybe you have to pee, which I actually understand, so if that’s the case I forgive you.

But you don’t even save those 7 seconds.

No. You spend those 7 seconds stopped.

When I look at your car in the distance, I see you at a red light.

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