Obsidian 4.0.0 Launch: Deno GraphQL caching solution


Performant Caching in Mind

Request Time = Cache Check (Hit Rate) + Service Call Time (1 — Hit Rate) + Cache Write (1- Hit Rate)

Problem and Challenge

Cache invalidation

Cache eviction

Solution and implementation


Restructured server-side caching logic

Figure 1: Overall server-side cache logic flow diagram

Functional flow diagram

Figure 2: Redesigned function flow of server-side caching logic which incorporates cache invalidation

Normalization Algorithm

Response Transformation

Figure 3: Obsidian flattens the original GraphQL response object (top left) into normalized objects (top right), and transforms it into an object of references (bottom right) to be stored in cache.

Cache Invalidation

  1. In the case of a read query, the GraphQL response is transformed into an object of reference and cached with its query string as the Redis hash. Furthermore, each reference object is cached with its reference string as the Redis hash.
  2. In the case of a delete mutation, the references are abstracted from the GraphQL response and invalidated from cache through deletion.
  3. In the case of either a create or update mutation, each reference object is cached with its reference string as the Redis hash. If the reference already exists, it is overwritten with the updated value.

Cache eviction

Getting Started




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