In Love With Affinity Designer

I started learning graphic design back in 2015, and going with Affinity Designer was the best decision I ever made.

I won’t say I am a great graphic designer, yet, but I have learnt enough to create amazing logos, websites, UIs, ads and much more.

Learning graphic design wasn’t something I wanted, but I knew I needed it to complement my website development skills.

I realized it would be far easier developing websites I designed.

It was back in January 2015, when I wanted to design my own logo and also other images to use on my personal blog and on my social media pages.

I tried free online graphic design tools and a few offline softwares but none gave me what I wanted.

The logo design apps that are available for Mac are great. But they don’t give me the flexibility I need.

So I tried Adobe Illustrator. However, I had abandoned it by the time the trial period was over.

The main issue was my laptops specifications. It was made in 1900 and was lucky to get just 256MB of graphics memory paired with an Intel Core2Duo for a processor.

On the other hand, for me to enjoy all the features of Adobe Illustrator CC, I needed more than 1024MBs of graphics memory. I was disappointed.

But that was before I met Affinity Designer.


Where have you been all my life?


Having learnt a few things here and there about Adobe Illustrator CC, I found that transitioning to Affinity Designer was a breeze.

The UIs are very similar and the naming of features and placement of tools is very predictable.

Within two days, I was at home.

I was able to design my logo, and even better, I started to manipulate regular JPGs the Photoshop way from within Affinity Designer by playing around with the pixel persona.

Another reason I fell in love with Affinity Designer is that it requires minimal system resources for it to run smoothly.

I was completely at home.

Since then, I have been able to achieve great designs using Affinity Designer.

With the newfound excitement, and out of curiosity, I started to enjoy graphic design a lot.

The Affinity Designer’s Canvas Feature

Recent versions of Affinity Designer have even included the canvas feature.

With the infinite canvas, I can conveniently design UIs, magazines and more.

In the past, it was possible to open and edit a pdf file, yes, but one could only export a single page. But that has changed.

Today, you can manipulate pdf files, create them and work with any kind of publication, of any number of pages. It is both a publisher and a design tool.

I sometimes feel as if I just started learning about many of Affinity’s great features even after more than 2 years using it.

I keep discovering new tricks and features.

By the way, with Affinity Designer there’s nothing I miss about Adobe Illustrator, except 3D extrusion.

I am still learning much, but so far, I recommend Affinity Designer to anyone, even to professionals.

With Affinity Designer, there’s no subscription. You buy once and enjoy free updates and features whenever they are available.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.