What Makes America Great.

As someone who was born in the south of the UK in a largely rural area and lived there for my first 21 years, my moving to London was a massive culture shock for me. But it was fantastic. Yes the people weren’t as immediately friendly as those further south, and yes the smells and noises were initially off-putting, but it was an amazing city to get to know (and after 14 years here I’m still getting to know). My point I suppose is that big cities aren’t always as scary and unfriendly, lonely and unsettling as our fears may tell us.

It took a while for me to get to know London, and I’m still here — but what surprised my on my first visit to New York a few years ago is that people were immediately friendly, I don’t remember encountering anybody who didn’t have time for a tourist to their city — I was totally not expecting that at all.

It was so refreshing to have this stereotype of the rude and uncaring New Yorker dispelled by my five day stay in such an amazing city.

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