Through The New Testament #20 — To God All Things Are Possible

“When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:25,26)

Fifteen-some years ago, I was visiting a church where I knew quite a few people. After the service I was outside talking to some friends about the sermon when a young lady passed by. She was dressed in attire more appropriate for a club than for a church and had come there only to meet her friends after the service. As she walked by she said hello and asked what we were talking about. But, when someone mentioned the biblical topic under discussion she gave us the strangest look (as if to say, really, young people talk about stuff like that?) and then turned away and kept walking.

I distinctly remember thinking to myself as she walked away, ‘Lord, is there any hope for such a person?’

Less than a year later I was visiting this same church and decided to attend an afternoon youth meeting. It was a bit crowded so I had to find a seat somewhere in the back where I couldn’t see everyone in the room. At the end the pastor asked one of the young people present to close the meeting with prayer and, as I listened to the girl pray, it became more and more clear to me that she really knew Jesus. When the meeting was over I just had to know who this person was and, after asking around, I discovered that it was that same girl I had had my doubts about a year earlier.

I found out later that some months before she had gone through a major family crisis, and, because there was no one else to turn to, she cried out to God in desperation. And, God had not only come through for her but completely changed her life and now all she wanted to do is serve Him and to tell others about Jesus.

This young lady’s transformation was a real lesson to me not just because I saw firsthand how God changed a life but because it had been the very person I had previously considered beyond help. It was as if God had intentionally orchestrated that meeting a year earlier just so He could show me that there was no one He couldn’t reach. I realized then, that I could never follow my own judgment in respect to any person. It didn’t matter how people looked, who they were or what they did. If they turned to Jesus they would be transformed just the same. My job was to be a witness regardless.

Over the years I have worked with some shady characters; people that even some of my missionary friends felt uneasy about. And there is no difference in the percentage of such people that repent than of any other group of people. To man it might seem impossible but to God all things are possible.



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