For future tastings I introduced some ground rules to make it more general in some aspects.

I’m going to start rating from 0 to 10 the chocolates, accordingly to the factors that I feel in the moment, the factors that I have been taking into account in each tasting are: look, touch, sound, smell, mouthfeel, flavor (sweetness, creaminess, citrusy notes…) and aftertaste. I’ll still keep them but would feel free to add any other if needed, also I’ll keep talking about the prices of each chocolate but I won’t take the price as a factor for the tasting.

Here’s a little resume of the meaning of every number in the scale:

0 — No chocolate at all!! Maybe I was tricked into trying it 😂

( 1 | 2 ) — Very sweet chocolate, in resume a candy bar, not much flavor and/or smell. I wouldn’t recommend it.

( 3 | 4 ) — A bar with more chocolate flavors or with a poor mix of them might be for daring to try something different that actually doesn’t feel right.

5 — A chocolate bar with a poor balance of flavors or maybe flavors I don’t enjoy much. I Wouldn’t recommend you to try it, I probably won’t buy it again.

( 6 | 7 ) — A good chocolate bar, good flavor, creaminess, and smell. I definitely would buy it again and would recommend it.

8 — A great chocolate bar, the balance of every factor is excellent, I would buy it again and really recommend it

( 9 | 10 ) — A chocolate bar from another world ready and prepared to challenge your senses, this might be reserved mostly for crafted chocolate and for real, you should get one!!.

If you have any suggestions for this rules be free to tell me, always open to your feedback.

As always if you have any suggestions for the next tasting comment below 👇 and I’ll be happy to try to make it happen.

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