Jubileu 70% Extra Noir | Mike Cocoa Chocolate Tasting | Episode 4

This time I tasted Jubileu 70% Extra Noir Chocolate bar. The first dark chocolate and the first Portuguese produced chocolate that I taste on the show.

This chocolate is made by “Imperial Productos Alimentares”, a company founded in 1932, currently operating in 6 countries. Although is not a creamy chocolate the bitterness and sweetness of this bar make it really pleasant to eat.

The flavors of cocoa on it are really intense as you eat it, however, after you eat it the flavor doesn’t stay for too long in your mouth, which is fine by me but certain people enjoy keeping the flavor of the chocolate a little bit longer.

If you can get this bar I advise you to do it because is an excellent option in dark chocolate.

Where I live this bar can be found at a price of 2.39€.

Find the video here below:

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