Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar | Mike Cocoa Chocolate Tasting | Episode 3

This time I tasted Milka Oreo Chocolate bar. A good chocolate and it was the second time that I tasted it. The first was with my wife at the movies, we saw it on sale and we decided to try it, the result surprised us because it turned out better than we expected.

For the show, I took my time tasting and this bar reminded me the Hersheys Bar, maybe because I lived closer to America and I happen to see that bar very often, but as soon as you open the Milka bar you can see the Oreos on the inside.

The main difference is that in Milka Oreo bar you can catch the hints of the milk chocolate on it. A good balance of sweetness, creaminess and one factor I consider important for this chocolate is that you take a piece of a considerable size and you’ll be able to spot the flavors better.

Here, the presentation that I tasted can be found in every supermarket at a price of around 2.30€ although I got it on sale for a price of 1.65€.

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