Three Nestle Chocolate bars | Mike Cocoa Chocolate Tasting | Episode 6

On this episode, I tasted three #Nestle Chocolate bars:

✔️Milk Chocolate with coffee☕: a good chocolate with a strong flavor of coffee, when you smell it you can’t catch the coffee but mostly the milk chocolate. When you decide to eat it you certainly feel the flavor of coffee beans on the inside, as the chocolate melts and combines with the coffee the experience is unique. If you are a coffee buff is an excellent choice for you. I rated this bar with 7 points.

✔️Milk Chocolate with Caramel: A chocolate of which I expected more. The smell as the first one doesn’t surprise you but when you taste it the most thing that you can feel as you let it melt in your mouth is the caramel that disappears fast and the milk chocolate stays longer, the most flavors that you feel at this point is the sugar on the milk chocolate. I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you are looking to expand to new flavors. I gave it 5 points.

✔️Dark Chocolate with Truffle: A dark chocolate with 55% of cocoa, it has a nice smell but not such a loud snap when you break it. The piece of chocolate melts in your mouth and has a very good mouthfeel, good creaminess, and flavor. Although in the label claims to have hazelnuts I couldn’t catch any hints of it. I really recommend this chocolate and I gave it 7 points.

Although in all three I expected very sweet flavors only the second bar gave me that impression, the other two had an incredible balance of flavors.

If you are not familiar with the points for the chocolate check out the last post.

I can find this bars where I live at a price of 1.39€ but how I got it on sale it was only 1.09€.

As always if you have any suggestions for the next tasting comment and I’ll be happy to try to make it happen.