We ate a whole BOX of artisanal Chocolates | Mike Cocoa Chocolate Tasting | Episode 9

I come back to this show with the best way possible, with my wife as a guest and with a box of chocolates that she gave me for our anniversary.

With 19 chocolates for the tasting, this show started with the highest expectations and they were fulfilled.

One thing I would love to tell to everyone is that there’s nothing better than craft and artisanal chocolate, the flavors, and quality of them are really something you can’t find in a supermarket bar, the prices are higher, but their quality and in some cases the extra work took by this companies to ensure the farmers get a fair price for their work is something you not only feel in your mouth also in your conscience.

My objective here is to taste every chocolate I can and share it with you but certainly this kind of considerations is something you really need to take into account.

Getting back to the tasting in this box for what I can remember we found chocolates with: poncha (Portuguese drink), bolo de mel (Portuguese cake), lemon, cherries, strawberries, passion fruit, coffee, sea salt, oranges, nuts, peanuts, and hazelnuts. All with combinations of white, milk and dark chocolate. Certainly a festival of flavors and lots of fun with my wife.

You can watch the video of this tasting here below!

If you have any sugestions for the next episode let me hear it in the comments I’ll be happy to make it happen!