A Medium for the “reader” persona —
Andrei Draganescu

Yes to all of this. Thanks so much for this great piece, and so glad that it has found an audience within Medium the company. As someone who’s written a few 10–20 minute reads on Medium (and who reads pieces of similar length), the TOC and read/save features in particular would be amazing features.

I’m on the fence with regard to your idea of “reactions.” On the one hand I see the value in expressing different sentiments around a piece, and the utility of that data to Medium in better tailoring what gets served to me on the app and in my daily newsletter. On the other hand, I love Medium specifically for those long-form pieces, and that form of reaction still feels reductive. Here’s an alternate model I proposed that (I think) makes better use of the Highlights feature. Would love to know your thoughts on it.

Thanks again for a great piece.

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