iOS Coding Interview Types

I looked for a job and found interesting to describe some types of interviews I have had.

Internship movie 2013

Interviewer isn’t ready(really funny one)

That wasn’t one case I’ve got several same questions from an interview to an interview. You will get the questions from the links that Google shows for “iOS interview questions”. Be ready for them. Usually, it’s some basic validation to get to the real interview. Some of that questions are silly and may be tricky. Avoid the risk to be caught.

The second option is interview asks you specific information or problems he faced last week. In most cases, you will not be competent enough to answer such questions.

Non-technical interview

It’s not about talking with HR. The purpose of such interview is to understand your personality. Be ready to answer next questions:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Tell us about the most challenging problem you had. How you solved it?
  • What are you going to achieve in 5 years?

We need a narrow specialist

You will get some specific questions or task at such interview. It might be:

  • Implement spin-lock protected access to array using C++ containers
  • How does TSL protocol work
  • What are silent notifications etc…

If some special technology was mentioned before(in a job description or via HR) be prepared for that questions.

Do a coding quiz at first

There are a lot of sites that propose you to practice in coding small pieces of logic with a variety of difficulty levels. Hackerank for example. Also such services propose to estimate your skill. It is actually a good idea. So don’t hesitate to stretch your coding skills before any interview. Of course, you should be able to:

  • Easy level: write a Fibonacci sequence.
  • Middle level: implement a Fibonacci sequence using a recursion, cycle, memorization or cache.

Write a game in a week (Advanced level interview)

One great case of an interview I know was writing a game. The difficult part was to use a special framework. The other requirement was that reviewer has zero tolerance to crashes. The guys had two games to choose from. You just have to show all your skills to pass such test.

Such tests are a well-known form for checking people. Details depend on the creativity of someone in a company. Also, keep in mind that there are several candidates who do the same task so always make a step beyond the requirements that increases your chances. Add tests, improve functionality, add beautiful icons.

Explain how are you going to implement the Snake game.

As opposed to the previous one you might be asked to create and describe the architecture of Snake game. Try to write down how it looks like.

So this question will show how you think as a developer, how you think as a manager, how you plan, what your priorities at a project are.

I like this question because it is about everything. And interviewer will lead you to spheres which are important in his opinion. So listen carefully. Also, you cannot be prepared for this question despite been a suitable specialist.

Usual verbal interview

The developers are usually preparing for this specific type of interview. In most cases, you will be asked about everything regarding iOS development from MRC, autorelease pools and how objective-c polymorphism works up to describing your favorite third-path libs. Don’t neglect to read the books just before an interview.


Taking into consideration that you will have dozens of interviews be prepared at least for described types. I would even advice you to ask your friend to test you before an interview. Also, don’t forget to ask a feedback after each interview. That is a crucial point for improving yourself.

Be prepared, the cost is high! Imagine you’ve got a job without preparing really hard. But what job could you get if you are prepared?

One more advice:

In case of getting rejected you need someone who will say you that everything is still ok and stop you from accepting another not so great offer.

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